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For Day 2 Creamy Breakfast Oatmeal is on the menu again but today we’ll pair it up with some yogurt instead of milk for a good source of protein and calcium. Dinner will require a few minutes of meal preparation to make a low calorie yet delicious Apple and Chicken salad. Here’s how Day 2 stacks up for nutritional balance as rated by MyFoodDiary (the service I use to design diet menus). With the exception of iron for young women and calcium for older women, the menu is fairly well balanced for most nutrients. DisclaimerContent published by the owner(s) of this website whether in an article or as a response to a question or comment is for education only.
This plan requires some advance preparation and a fair amount of cooking on or before Day 1 of the sample diet menu, however, the rest of the week is quite simple. To keep the total calories distributed throughout the day I suggest you hold off till mid-morning to enjoy an orange for a snack and satisfy your need for a good source of vitamin C and additional fiber at that time.

If you prefer your chicken to be warmed simply program your microwave for a low setting to heat for 2 to 3 minutes.
I am including chicken for meals twice in one day to minimize the number of ingredients needed for the week and to keep the cost down.
You might supplement this menu plan with a small piece of low fat cheese such as Sargento Light String Cheese or BabyBel Mini Light Cheese for an additional 50 calories. So go ahead and choose what you might like to add to the menu plan for Day 2 to get your additional calories!
Check back for Day 3 coming soon and another creative way to use the leftover chicken from Day 1 to keep things simple and minimize cost. While you’re waiting on the microwave, wash and cut all of the celery into snack size pieces about 4 inches in length. You may want to go ahead and mash up the whole avocado and refrigerate the extra for Day 4.

I think the taste of the salad is surprisingly good and delightfully different from the chicken wing and leg for lunch. However, if you need to keep your saturated fat intake down, this might be a good day for a calcium supplement.
I’ve posted the recipe for Low Calorie Apple and Chicken Salad on the Best Easy Healthy Recipes site.

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