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Or, maybe you want a spicy sizzling stir-fry supper, in which case my Smoky Mexican Stir Fry with Chicken is just the meal for you, and is only 234 calories per GENEROUS portion, so should fit in very well with a porridge and stew day.
I have been quietly sticking to my 5:2 meal plan whilst preparing for Christmas and living off WW2 rations, but, I have to admit for only one day; so, I have NOT gained weight, but I have not lost any either, which is fine, as I have been feasting and making merry for six days a week!
A hearty low-calorie Scottish inspired stew packed with vegetables and pulses, as well as low-fat smoked sausage if using.
Note A hearty low-calorie Scottish inspired stew packed with vegetables and pulses, as well as low-fat smoked sausage if using. Pour the vegetable stock into a large saucepan and add the onions, garlic, leeks, carrots, potatoes and celery and bring to the boil. As this is a stew, I am entering this recipe into Linzi’s Season of Soups and Stews challenge over at Lancashire Food! It IS only 500 calories for the whole amount sans sausage as the vegetables are very low in calories (except the spuds) and it is the pearl barley and lentils that make up most of the calories! Printed on heavy water resistance stock, the chart fits easily on your side by side fridge for easy reference.
Tips like these are incredibly helpful for people looking for a solution for a healthy eating plan. I started my journey,eight weeks ago, which I know will be a long hard one, but I am ready.
Looking at Gins 14 day eating plan, it is ironic, because I am eating pretty much just like that.. The best thing I used years ago to help me with my weight was Gins original Step Reebok video. The ones I’m talking about are usually in the amazing makeover weight loss edition with Chris Powell.
Now of course I ate other items than just what I have shown here, but this is probably about 95% of what I ate.  And you will notice some things that never change like my Shakeology for breakfast.
I hope this example from a week of my fat shredder diet can help you to develop your own plan that works with your tastes, time and budget. And again, if you want to stay informed so that you have the greatest opportunity for success, sign me up as your FREE coach and you will be exposed to my best tips, advice, and motivation to ensure you have the best opportunity to get the RIPPED body you deserve! Hey coach Todd, I was wondering if you could make an updated meal plan for weeks 5-9 and 10-12 for P90x.
When you had the whey protein for your afteroon snack, what did you add that to?  Did you put it in water, milk, etc? We all know how tasty and divine tomatoes taste when they are in season, but there are many months of the year when they are, to put it bluntly, disappointing. I love this quick and easy tilapia dish as one of our slimmer dinners and fits right into 400 – 600 calorie meal plan.

This is our interpretation of the classic steakhouse creamed spinach with only 108 calories. Made of lean protein, scallops require quick, careful cooking to ensure the perfect texture. This is a classic Indian dish that not only tastes wonderful but for the busy Mom or Dad is quick and easy to prepare with a no hands on approach cooking method.
Wow, what a refreshing light summer entree’ that can be served as a lean lunch or slimmer dinner. As with most of our savory sides you can virtually eat as much of this dish without having to worry about going over your calorie count. I was generous with the serving size too, so really you could probably get 6 to 8 servings out of this dish, especially if you serve it with rice or quinoa. This winter warmer has only 150 calories in one hearty bowl with the optional smoked sausage, or a frugal 125 calories sans sausage, and it really is a VERY filling and tasty meal for all of those on a freezing cold fast day. A bowl of this warming stew is only 150 calories per portion with the sausage or 125 calories without, making it a fabulous meal to have on fast days for those following the 5:2 diet or weight watchers.
Reduce to heat to a simmer, add the pearl barley and red lentils and simmer for 30 to 45 minutes or until the vegetables are soft and the pulses are cooked. Adjust the liquid if the stew is too thick and continue to heat for a further 5 minutes before serving with dumplings (non-diet), bread, crisp breads or croutons.
I have started the 5:2 way this morning and I cant tell you how excited and thrilled I am to have found your website! THANKS so much and DO ask for help if you need any,and also suggest recipes to me that I can test too, I am always open to ideas! It’s great to get feedback from people who try my recipes and I am delighted that this one is a hit! That has a link about what to do if you are "hungry" when starting out my 1900 calorie diet. Since I am always looking for lower calorie savory sides that fits into our in home personal training services 400 – 600 calorie meal plan I have solved the disappointing tomato problem by roasting plump little cherry tomatoes.
It’s only 179 calories per serving and allows you plenty of room for a couple of savory sides and still be under 600 calories. We have included it in the savory sides category as a selection for our Metabolic Jump Start Program. It’s health eating that fits perfectly into our Metabolic Jump Start Program and 400 – 600 calorie meal plan with only 118 calories!
Please purchase wild caught salmon to make sure you receive the best quality salmon as possible. Sweet potatoes are high in antioxidants, which work in the body to prevent inflammatory problems like asthma, arthritis, gout, and many more.

I absolutely love this dish and it goes with any main dish without driving up those calories. Vegetarian sausage can be added as an option, just make sure you add the appropriate calories. I was telling that to my daughter and said I want to go not only for the craft festival but to climb the mountain.
These little jewels tend to be tastier than others in the off season and by roasting them it brings out their sweetness and juiciness. Raw scallops are translucent in color so as the scallop cooks, the muscle takes on an opaque white color, similar to an egg white.
This incredible dish fits perfectly into our 400 – 600 calorie meal plan that allows you to add a savory side and still be under 600 calories. You can substitute potatoes for the parsnips or carrots for the squash in this quick and easy casserole. Do try my comforting Low Calorie Highland Stew recipe, and let me know what you think; if you are vegetarian and  you fancy adding the sausage, I have added a cooked Quorn sausage to this recipe, as well as a very meaty (low-fat) smoked sausage too. In addition when cooking or roasting tomatoes it releases a potent antioxidant called lycopene, which protects the body against cellular damage. Spinach is one of the healthiest foods on the planet because its loaded with beta-carotene, Vitamin C, plus two powerful antioxidants called lutein and zeaxanthin. One serving of sea scallops delivers approximately 17 percent of your daily iron requirement and 12 percent of your recommended daily intake of calcium.
With only 185 calories this savory side fit right into our Metabolic Jump Start Program and our 400 – 600 calorie meal plan. A few of these ingredients may not be in your pantry, but you can find them in your local grocery store, without having to find an Asian market. This makes a fabulous savory side dish for any meal and fits perfectly into our 400 – 600 calorie Metabolic Jump Start Program. So give these little jewels some love and roast them, once you have tried them you will be hooked! With only 213 calories this can be served as one of our lean lunches or slimmer dinners and fits perfectly into our Metabolic Jump Start Program within 400 – 600 calories.

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