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The best advice I have for anyone trying to lose weight is #1 get your diet under control before you start a workout regimen.
What motivates these characters is when they realize that there is something in it for them.
How changing your eating habits can make you get rid of stomach fat - visible result in 2 weeks. All you need for delicious healthy fruit dip, yes, but lets make it Fat Free Cool Whip, Sugar Free Jello, & Fat Free Yogurt.
Apple Spinach Smoothie -- This recipe calls for flax seeds and maple syrup, but I may sub for oats and honey!
Whoever said that healthy foods (aka fruits and veggies) are more expensive than fast food, think again!!

I changed my eating habits completely by removing all excess sugars, soda, juice, fried and processed foods. There are three ways you can use it - this article has all the tips and an easy to follow video.
Cup of hot tea, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, dash of cinnamon, sugar to taste. I did the Insanity program as my form of working out and supplemented it with additional cardio sessions 5-7 times a week.
In the past, I tried several diets and work out regimens but they always included “off days” and “cheat meals”. When I started insanity, I made a permanent lifestyle change and I stopped purchasing foods that I shouldn’t eat and made sure to stick to my diet and workout regimen even during vacations and going out to dinner.

I like variety and am the type of person that gets bored real easy, so to just hit the gym and the track wasn’t enough for me lol. If i’m able to encourage just one person from this post, I feel like I have made some type of difference.

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