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Take a huge step towards a more energy efficiency by caulking around cracks in window and door frames. Use a clear paintable caulk on the interior window frame so you can cover it up later if needed.
With a caulk gun, run a steady bead of caulk around all edges where the window meets the frame and the frame meets the wall.Moisten your finger and smooth the caulk lightly into a concave shape. You can further insulate your windows and doors by applying rubber or foam weatherstripping around the edges of your window frame. Call an electrician or insulation professional to seal your lights with special fireproof foam and caulk.
Old caulk in the bathroom not only dries out over time, but can become discolored from mildew. When switches and outlets are installed in walls, there is often a small gap between the drywall and the electrical box. To fill the leak, remove the switch plate cover and fill the gap between the box and drywall with minimally expanding foam.
After you replace the cover, you can further block air by inserting child safety plugs into the outlet holes.
Although windows help us save on the electricity bill by letting in natural light, they allow a lot of temperature transfer and can make our HVAC system work harder. Insulating window coverings are a far simpler solution to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Cellular shades are made with pleated air pockets that act as a buffer between outside temperatures and your home.
To make the most of your window coverings in the winter, open shades on west and south windows during the day to let the sun in.
Latch windows in winter for a tight seal that will keep out drafts, not to mention give you extra security.
One trick to find leaks is to hold a lit incense stick around doors, windows and baseboards. Or for about $30 you can try a more high tech option – Black and Decker makes a product called a Thermal Leak Detector. We share our favorite DIY projects, home decor tips, window trends and lifestyle products to make your world a beautiful place. First off, I realized long ago that counting every calorie and analyzing each piece of food I put into my body is not conducive to my daily life. No matter what the nature of your business is, disorganized storage rooms, filing rooms, offices, and warehouses cost your business money. The best way to minimize these losses is to quantify what they mean to you and decide: What’s more economical, the on-going cost of disorganization or the one time cost of addressing it?
A P-Touch survey conducted in 2010 found that employees looking for misplaced items costs about $89 billion annually, and accounts for almost a full week of productivity loss per employee. In the same P-Touch survey, the responses indicated that employee morale is severely impacted by disorganization and subsequently poor productivity. Difficult to find documents and poorly planned projects often cause last minute shipments to meet a tight deadline.
Contact us to see how, or if, we might be able to help you conquer your disorganized workplace and start saving money. I just finished installing all ten sections of the Record Master storage units for our mobile racks and they fit real well and went together very easily. Knowledgeable about (their) products, and will always suggest the best solution, not the most expensive one.
Great service, particularly creative ideas and products on how best to create the image and services I was looking for. Just wanted you to know that Gary and Marvin did an awesome job installing my library shelving.
Very accommodating and helpful through the entire process… (they) did a wonderful job in creating the shelving layout. Chris provided excellent service all the way from the initial design stage through to post-completion follow up. Chris was an awesome sales person, took the time to understand our needs and deliver those needs. It’s a fact that 80% to 90% of candidates that accept counter-offers quit within six months or are terminated by their company within one year. Today, we’re looking at 5 different ways that you can minimise counter-offers, as well as tips to help you suss out what the candidates driving factors are for finding a new job.
The most effective way to discover if a candidate is likely to accept a counter-offer from their current company is to just ask the question directly.
Ask the candidate all of the usual questions about why they want to leave their current company. Be sure to mention all of the job perks that come with being an employee of your organisation during the interview. When you make a job offer to a candidate and they formally accept it, it’s really important that you extend your support when it comes to them resigning from their current position. So the resignation has been made, references have been checked and a start date has been confirmed, you’re in the clear – right?
Conclusion: Unfortunately, counter-offers are always going to be inevitable when it comes to recruitment.
The Black Belt in Internet Recruitment course is recommended for recruiters, recruitment researchers, sourcers, human resource professionals and executive search consultants and will teach you how to become a more efficient, proactive and effective Recruiter, or what we like to call a “Sourcing Ninja”.
To find out more, just fill out the above form and we will send you on our product brochure.
Although is tempting to just give up and give in, that's not what your loved one would want!

Celebrate with extra cheer and happiness for all the love you have in your heart for that loved one. Don't say, oh I don't feel like decorating or celebrating, you'll be surprised at the little sparkle of joy that a beautiful surrounding of your decorations can add to your day. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Did you know that your home is losing energy right now? It is especially important to do this along the bottom of moveable windows where the window meets the window sill. They will also make sure that insulation above the ceiling is a certain distance away from can lights to prevent fire risk.
Without a proper seal your bathroom will be vulnerable to water damage and energy-sucking air leaks.
These gaps can cause leaks and lead to significant energy loss when the plug or switch is on an outer wall. The air entering through these can be stopped by covering the outlet with a special foam gasket.
As a newlywed, she’s on the hunt to outfit a new home with all things handmade, preppy and eclectic.
Goodness know there are enough articles, experts, and fads out there telling us to eat this, avoid that, do this weird exercise every other day while standing on your head and facing east.
Being single in a big city, I find myself eating out quite a bit, or taking my meals on the go or at my desk. I used to drink soda like it was going out of style, but when I decided to reduce my sugar intake, this habit was the first to go – and the hardest to kick. In this world of instant gratification, customers are motivated to buy and take home today.
Losing vital information such as Sales Leads, Business Cards, Client Files, Service Records, or Well Files can mean the end of a once great opportunity. Rush, Overnight, or Expedited deliveries can cost upwards of 200% more than standard shipping rates.
Those seem to be the unwritten laws of every kind of stuff- look only into your own garage, basement, storage room, or warehouse to see this undeniable truth.
From design to installation Foothills was professional, punctual and very easy to work with.
Yet, in spite of these figures, recruiters are still plagued with counter-offers every day of their working lives. Well, depending on the new hire’s notice period, they still have to spend anywhere from 1-6 weeks with their current employer, leaving plenty of time for a counter-offer to be made and accepted. You’re ultimately competing with companies that have already established a connection with the people that you want to hire. Decorate with extra beauty and dazzle in every detail full of EXTRA love and beauty in memory that would make your loved one so proud!
IF anything, go more over-the-top with your decorations to bring more beauty and fun to everyone around you.
Share stories of the precious memories in your heart of that loved one on whatever holiday you are celebrating. These cans often have holes and gaps that allow conditioned air to leak out of your home right into the attic. Point the light along leaky areas, and it’ll turn red or blue of the temperature varies hot or cold. Walking in the footsteps of Martha Stewart, she’s happiest when she’s crafting or whipping up a new recipe; although nothing beats curling up with a good book and some Girl Scout Cookies. I like to eat when I’m hungry; I don’t want to deprive myself or wait until my next designated meal time. Anywhere within walking distance – like the dry cleaners, Starbucks, or the market – I hot-foot it rather than using wheels. How did you feel last time you wanted to buy something and the seller couldn’t find stock? Failing to follow up on leads can not only be a lost opportunity, but may frustrate a motivated buyer enough that they move on and never come back.
As these problems creep in on your business, you may want to think about the ongoing cost of not addressing them. The Foothills Systems group are professional, courteous and take great pride in their products.
Now it could, of course, be argued that the types of candidates that accept counter-offers are the ones that were probably only looking for a quick fix, and chances are that they wouldn’t have been a good hire for your organisation in the long run – but how are you, as a recruiter supposed to identify these types so that you can weed them during the recruitment process? At this point, you may think that you’ve done everything you can do to avoid the nightmare of a counter offer, but you still have one secret weapon in your recruitment arsenal…communication! I will celebrating extra big and sparkly and festive for my dad, he loved that word, FESTIVE! I value a balanced diet and solid fitness routine and I strive to live a healthy life, but I need it all to line up with my lifestyle. When I was in my twenties, I had better things to do – like sleeping in an extra twenty minutes. For instance, when I’m unwinding at night in front of the TV, I do push-ups, but not ordinary ones.
I found that it made me so full and quenched my thirst so effectively, it also ridded me of my soda craving – at least for the hour. Losing a well file could set back a drilling operation for years, squandering a profitable opportunity. Ask them if they have already handed in their notice, and if so, when would be a good time to contact their manager for a reference.
By following these 5 tips, you will be safe in the knowledge that you have done everything in your power as a recruiter to counter a counter-offer!

I will make my house extra festive for my dad and for my lil ones to have great memories of how fun mom made everything!
I don’t have it in me to spend hours at the gym each day while furiously counting every animal, vegetable, vitamin, and mineral I put in my mouth. But as a 30-something, I am now far wiser (and less capable of lazing away in bed), so I figured I’d give this mystical meal a try. I face the television, place my feet on a chair with my hands shoulder-width apart on the floor. Many people simply walk to the nearest competitor to complete their purchase, or decide not to purchase once the impulse dies off. Ok, chances are that very few candidates are just going to admit that the primary reason why they are looking for a new job is because they want more money.
Reiterate that you’re delighted that they have accepted the job offer and are excited for them to join the team. So over the years I’ve tried to cultivate a healthy lifestyle; I avoid dieting, fads, and excessive exercise, as I know these are not sustainable for me. It’s easy for me to discern what items on a menu or in the grocery store are packed with these gut growers. I first started by downing a quick bowl of cereal, but quickly found it left me hungry soon after, so I’ve since switched to eating protein in the morning. If you live in an area where walking to the store or nail salon is not an option, try adding it into other activities. Essentially, it’s a push-up position but with your feet elevated on a chair, stool or flat surface.
I sometimes substitute iced tea for some flavor, which just further helps to flush me out as it’s a diuretic. What if your inventory is made up of fast evolving products like computers, computer accessories, or smartphones? Remember, someone that is 100% content in their job does not generally go looking for another one. Connect them with their new team, send them the details of what they can expect on their first day and email them over the forms that they can complete ahead of their start date. Rather than just letting your dog into the backyard to pee, take Fido for a 20-minute jaunt by foot.
I know water is nothing new, and we’re constantly inundated with its benefits, but the sheer fact that it helped me kick my Coke addiction makes it my most valuable tool. Plus, if a candidate has read any of the thousands of online articles on job interview tips, they’ll know that bad-mouthing their current employer in an interview is a big no no.
Yes, money talks but you’d be surprised how few job seekers actually consider it the be all and end. I have stumbled upon an eating routine that also works for me without leaving me feeling deprived or breaking the bank. When at a restaurant, I stick to obvious sources of protein; fish, turkey, chicken, certain vegetables, etc. Because I don’t typically have the time or desire to boil eggs in the morning, I do this task each Sunday, boiling 12 of them and then sticking them in the fridge. If you have a long driveway, walk to the mailbox or to take out the trash – this is really only applicable for those of you way out in rural America. I always knew it was good for me and I should drink more, but seeing it accomplish this and witnessing the ways it curbs my appetite was truly an unexpected and welcomed surprise. We’re not saying that you should make your decision about whether or not to hire a candidate solely based on how they approach these questions, but it really should give you a good indication as to where they stand with their current company. Before sharing my health and fitness tips, I ran them by a professional personal trainer to ensure their overall validity. Sure, some sugar and carbs slip in, but by avoiding them as much as possible, I greatly reduce my intake. As for those days I don’t fancy an egg, I eat a protein bar and wash it down with a protein shake. I also found some yoga poses online – vinyasa-style, as this is more aerobic than other types – and I go through the sequence while I cook, like while waiting for water to boil. Sometimes you’ll find out more about a candidate not by asking why they want to leave their company, but why they want to join yours.
While none of these are marathon-length activities, they still get me moving throughout the day.
I’ve always led an active lifestyle, maintained a fairly healthy diet, and when I do feel the need to drop a few pounds, it’s never more than five or six. After all, the key is sustainability, and without a treat from time to time, I’d inevitably fail.
I’m also careful to choose brands low in sugar – Muscle Milk for the shake and Power Crunch for the bar. Obviously, not every minute of free time do I use in this manner – after all, a girl needs time to breathe. You’ll generally know if they fall into the second category simply by using your own intuition.
For me, they keep me in shape, provide me with reliable, sustainable energy throughout the day, and help me manage my overall health. If you’re desiring more significant results, perhaps try combining these tips with more aggressive calorie reduction and exercise.

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