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Filed Under: Detox, Health, Juicing← Lose 10 lbs in One Month the Natural Way!5 Foods That Could Change Your Life! Im gonna start this monday, but i have some questions… like “i only drink the juices and no fruit or veggies at all? I was going to do this cleanse along with using the Ultimate Cleanse by Nature’s Secret but wanted to check with you first. Regarding leaky gut, you would definitely need to take further actions to heal it and it takes time (way more than 7 days) But, this cleanse shouldn’t hurt for sure. I put in my email but haven’t received updated version as of yet and is there a grocery list so we get enough for the week?
I just started the Detox, drank my 32oz Carrot juice this morning and now Im finishing up with my Fat Flush for lunch. I was going to email you this question instead of posting it on here but I thought maybe others might be wondering the same thing.
Detoxification is the process in which your body gets rid of waste via it’s elimination channels. Using this table, it is important to come up with a loose outline of what you are going to eat throughout the week. Roberta is an accredited and registered naturopathic practitioner who uses clinical nutrition and herbal medicine to help her clients meet their ultimate wellness goal. If you do get Yellow Dock or Burdock Root you’ll need to set the herbs soaking in cold water over night before you simmer them for 15-20 mins. Boil the peel of 4 potatoes, 4 chopped carrots, 2 onions, 3 leeks, 6 cloves of garlic (he suggests 50!) and some beetroot & leaves for 20 minutes then strain – tastes sweet, not my thing. If you are unused to fasting, if your schedule is tough and you have an uncontrollable desire to eat something, or you feel lightheaded or very weak, then have some pureed veggy soup, avocado or cucumber. If you are virtually candida free and it agrees with you then you could add a little bit of fruit to your veggy juices when you feel that your mood is fluctuating massively or you have a meeting, etc.
Another thing to bear in mind is that the original liver detox ala Barron suggests to take 1 more tbsp olive oil and 1 more clove of garlic a day, so by day 5 you take 5 each.
You’ll cleanse your urinary system and rested your liver reducing your fat and additives intake. After the liver cleanse you should feel lighter & healthier with a sense of achievement, and your metabolism will be working much more efficient.
So, take great care when embarking on a detox and perhaps consult a physician or nutritionist beforehand. I was glad that I had done a few days of Colon Cleansing beforehand so I didn’t feel starving, and I had hardly any die off symptoms, which surprised me.

I really thought I had blown it all by working like a lunatic (didn’t go to bed until 2am each night) and drinking stuff containing oodles of fruit sugar. It just goes to show that you can achieve an enormous amount of healing just from following the candida diet, without any regular fasting.
Just keep doing more healthy things than unhealthy, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Even if you have setbacks, even if you succumbed to sweets at Christmas, even if you have a drink once in a while, and even if you live a totally hectic lifestyle. I should perhaps mention though that at the same time I had stopped eating dairy, wheat and gluten, to give my intestines the best chances to heal once and for all. I’ve set up a group on Facebook to share detox and candida experiences, and keep each other motivated.
Our 5 day Frozen Cold Pressed Juice Programme is a fantastic way to help lose some weight and feel good. Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Lime, Beetroot, Carrot, Mint, Fennel, Spinach & Pineapple are the selection of the vitamin and mineral packed fruit and vegetables in different delicious combinations in the 8 flavoured juices.
A total of 20 juices (4 per day) designed as meal replacements to give you all the nutrition your body needs. Simply keep your juices frozen until you need them (removing your next day’s juices from the freezer the night before). Due to some seasonal variation, failure of crops or limited supplies we are, on the odd occasion, forced to  substitute or replace ingredients or even whole juices. Please enter your email in the box at the top of the screen to receive the updated version for FREE. Be sure to download the updated version of this detox by entering your email in to the green box at the top of my site as this is one of the FAQs I’ve included in the updated version.
For the smoothie recipes, you can add 2-4 cups of water depending on your desired consistency. It’s easier to blend in a food processor when making salad dressing as opposed to a blender. These include the liver, lungs, lymphatic system, digestive system, blood, skin and kidneys. Planning is the one thing that will make sure you make it through the 5 days without falling off the bandwagon.
Start with cooked brown rice with cinnamon if you are at the beginning of the candida diet. I went into the cleanse unprepared (no veg in the house!) and super stressed due to work commitments.

Soon I can hopefully start experimenting with re-introducing suspect foods like cheese and yeasty bread. Being light headed only was in the morning and the urinating was to, I think it was because I was consuming Alot of water after the carrot juice because of the taste lol.
When toxins build up in our system, our elimination pathways can become strained and less effective leading to toxic ‘overload’. Particularly valuable if you have to do the detox on a shoestring and you can’t afford expensive formulas.
Especially if you have added slippery elm & marshmellow powder like I used to do to heal my Leaky Gut Syndrom. If you are in phase 3 then you can have oat porridge or a gluten free alternative with rice milk.
Maybe do a soup day or veg day instead, or eat lots of salads, hummus and rice if you have sports activities planned or other commitments. So much so in fact that I had to adapt my liver cleanse plan to include smoothies and juices to see me through the day while I was working.
You should be able to find organic options for all of these ingredients as most grocery stores. These include symptoms such as fatigue, unexplained weight gain that is hard to shake, constipation, headaches, allergic reactions, acne and sugar cravings. Even without overt symptoms, a gentle detox is not a bad thing to do on a regular basis as we are overexposed to toxins everyday. It has been scientifically proven that as human beings, we are more likely to fail in a situation of deprivation. A cleanse also takes a bit of planning and giving yourself that time can be tricky in our busy world.
At the end of the five days, a meal outline will be provided as well as a summary of key food groups included and excluded with reasons for doing so. Information will also be given on habits to introduce during a detox in order to maximise the benefits.

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