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As you read this, the judges of the Scottish Restaurant Awards will be pounding the streets, fork in hand, as they seek out the very best kitchens in the country.
The winners will be announced at a sparkling awards ceremony, taking place in Edinburgh’s Ghillie Dhu on Tuesday 4th of June. In the run up to the big day, the 5pm Restaurant blog will be profiling as many of the categories as we can. Today, we’re going to take a peek at the restaurants in the frame for the Best Indian Restaurant category. We could also have added that this is Indian fine dining with a range of tasting menus, luxury ingredients and beautiful presentation. In what may turn out to be a mighty battle between two past champions, Mithas is up against the Mother India’s Cafe in Edinburgh, a restaurant which won the title in 2010.
A hugely successful offshoot of the thriving Glasgow group of Mother India restaurants, it has made its name with its popular take on Indian tapas bursting with vibrant flavours. Locally sourced ingredients cooked to order; a no ghee policy and the use of steamed or grilled chicken in their dishes all point to Cafe India paying attention to contemporary trends. Speaking personally, your blogger also likes the fact they have a selection of Scottish craft beers. Vast in quantity and small in price, those Indian restaurants are the good friends of tired travelers who need something tasty to ease the hunger or a bustling atmosphere to get inspirations for the next trip. Continue reading to get more useful information about the best affordable Indian restaurants in Singapore.
One of the most popular venues for having fish head curry: To many Singaporean generations, Muthu’s Curry is the first name to talk about when it comes to fish head curry. A good Indian food venue right in Singapore’s CBD: Not many Indian restaurants have their locations in the Central Business District. Affordable foods in the most classy restaurant district of Singapore: Set amidst the lush greenery of Dempsey, Samy’s Curry is best described as a curry oasis in the most classy dining enclave in Singapore. Menu with a good balance between non-vegetarian and vegetarian options: Not placing emphasis on any type of diets or any style of foods, Gayatri’s menu celebrates the enjoyment of any diner stepping into its dining room. A place to enjoy Little India’s street life with Indian beer: The restaurant’s outdoor sitting area provides diners with vivid and exciting street views of a never quiet Little India. But there's a debate we've avoided, if only to save computer screens the world over from the liters of spittle that will fly from the mouths of irate readers as they vent incredulously about our "ignorant, biased, un-researched and unreasoned" choices. Which is why, having taken the plunge, we want to turn this particular piece over to you, and ask: which country has the best food? But in the kitchens of the United States, they have been improved and added to, to become global icons for food lovers everywhere. There's the traditional stuff like clam chowder, key lime pie and Cobb salad, and most importantly the locavore movement of modern American food started by Alice Waters. Chocolate chip cookie -- the world would be a little less habitable without this Americana classic.
Mmmmexico.If you were only allowed to eat one type of food for the rest of your life, it would be smart to make it Mexican. The cuisine of the Mesoamerican country has a little bit of everything -- you'll never get bored. Amongst the enchiladas and the tacos and the helados and the quesadillas you'll find the zestiness of Greek salads and the richness of an Indian curry; the heat of Thai food and the use-your-hands snackiness of tapas.
Tostadas -- basically the same as a taco or burrito but served in a crispy fried tortilla which breaks into pieces as soon as you bite into it.
Street eats are a Thai attraction.Flip through a Thai cook book and you'll be hard pressed to find an ingredient list that doesn't run a page long. The combination of so many herbs and spices in each dish produces complex flavors that somehow come together likeA orchestral music. Pla som -- a fermented fish eaten uncooked is popular in Lawa, Thailand and reported to be responsible for bile duct cancer. Olive oil -- drizzled on other food, or soaked up by bread, is almost as varied as wine in its flavors. Spanakopita -- makes spinach palatable with its feta cheese mixture and flaky pastry cover. Gyros -- late-night drunk eating wouldn't be the same without the pita bread sandwich of roast meat and tzatziki.

Anything from a surly, sweaty Indian man will probably taste great.When a cuisine uses spices in such abundance that the meat and vegetables seem like an afterthought, you know you're dealing with cooks dedicated to flavor. And any country that manages to make vegetarian food taste consistently great certainly deserves some kind of Nobel prize.
Dosa -- a pancake filled with anything from cheese to spicy vegetables, perfect for lunch or dinner. Chai -- not everyone likes coffee and not everyone likes plain tea, but it's hard to resist chai. Balti chicken -- an invention for the British palate, should probably have died out with colonialism. The fish dish is two millimeters too far to the right.Japanese apply the same precision to their food as they do to their engineering.
This is the place that spawned tyrannical sushi masters and ramen bullies who make their staff and customers tremble with a glare. You can get a lavish multi-course kaiseki meal that presents the seasons in a spread of visual and culinary poetry.
Or pick up something random and previously unknown in your gastronomic lexicon from the refrigerated shelves of a convenience store. Miso soup -- showcases some of the fundamental flavors of Japanese food, simple and wholesome. From the fruits of the Mediterranean Sea to the spoils of the Pyrenees, from the saffron and cumin notes of the Moors to the insane molecular experiments of Ferran Adria, Spanish food is timeless yet avant garde. Entire two-week vacations are centered on exploring combinations of wines and cheeses around the country. Down-to-earth cooking will surprise those who thought of the French as the world's food snobs (it is the birthplace of the Michelin Guide after all).
Foie gras -- it tastes like 10,000 ducks roasted in butter then reduced to a velvet pudding, but some animal advocates decry the cruelty of force-feeding fowl to fatten their livers.
All my troubles seem so far away.The people who greet each other with "Have you eaten yet?" are arguably the most food-obsessed in the world.
The Chinese entrepreneurial spirit and appreciation for the finer points of frugality -- the folks are cheap, crafty and food-crazed -- results in one of the bravest tribes of eaters in the world. It's not a food culture you can easily summarize, except to say you'll invariably want seconds.
Roast suckling pig and Peking duck -- wonders of different styles of ovens adopted by Chinese chefs. Shark's fin soup -- rallying for Chinese restaurants to ban the dish has been a pet issue of green campaigners in recent years. Cheesy in pasta but not in personality.Italian food has enslaved tastebuds around the globe for centuries, with its zesty tomato sauces, those clever things they do with wheat flour and desserts that are basically vehicles for cream. It's all so simple.A Get some noodles, get some olive oil, get some garlic, maybe a tomato or a slice of bacon. And it is all so easy to cook and eat.A From the cheesy risottos to the crisp fried meats, Italian cuisine is a compendium of crowd-pleasing comfort food.
Ragu alla bolognese (spaghetti bolognaise) -- the world's go-to "can't decide what to have" food. Buffalo mozzarella -- those balls of spongy, off-white, subtly flavored cheeses of water buffalo milk.
After traveling around the world on a fistful of dollars, Zoe returns to Hong Kong, where she grew up, to discover and write about all the inspiring stuff that happens here on a daily basis. Many remarkable Goa beaches are the favorite venues of tourists, for tasting the incredible Goan food.
Goa’s culinary salute to its Portuguese inheritance is clearly seen in Chourico, the spicy sausage. Soon after the end of Goa Carnival 2012 , we have arranged to get some of the selected Goa Carnival Images for you. Goa has numerous entertainments for its visitors specially the beach sports (also known as water sports) are widely famous on Goa beaches.
At last year’s awards ceremony, the Edinburgh restaurant was described as offering a fresh Indian dining experience in very stylish surroundings while the food was said to have its roots in age-old traditions but the presentation and flavour combinations are very contemporary. First opening in 1987, it is one of Glasgow’s best established Indian restaurants but it isn’t afraid to move with the times.

Kingfisher and Cobra are fine but artisan Scottish beers are undergoing a renaissance at the moment and Cafe India is sage enough to tap into the trend.
If you are around the Central Business District of Singapore, visit Tandoori Corner for a quick lunch or dinner. Yes, we love the fresh, tender and fleshy fish as well as the thick curry gravy with a balanced mix of spiciness and sourness.
So the existence of Tandoori Corner at Boon Tat Street is a real savoury gift for Indian cuisine fans. Its luxurious location doesn’t make its prices steep like most of the Dempsey’s restaurants.
All that avocado, tomato, lime and garlic with beans and chocolates and chilies to boot, is rich with antioxidants and good healthful things. Sun, beach, service with a smile and a plastic bag full of som tam -- that's the good life.
A bite of dolma or a slurp of lentil soup gives a small taste of life in ancient Greece, when they were invented. The same spice can add zest to savory and sweet dishes, or can sometimes be eaten on its own -- fennel seed is enjoyed as a breath-freshening digestive aid at the end of meals. There's Goa's seafood, there's the wazwan of Kashmir and there's the coconutty richness of Kerala.
The poisonous blowfish recently killed diners in Egypt, but is becoming more available in Japan. In fact anything from a patisserie in France seems to have been conjured out of sugar, fairy dust and the dinner wishes of little girls. The cuisines are a great mix of delectable food, enriched by tasty vegetarian as well as not to miss non vegetarian dishes from India and Europe. Here you will be amazed to see plenty of carts with apostolic names like "Ave Maria Sausages" catering Chourico spiced with chili, vinegar, garlic and ginger which are eaten with soft Goan bread rolls.
To have meal in a more tranquil setting, take a cab to Dempsey Hill and enjoy Indian food in a colonial open house. It is quite a steal when having a large piping hot curry pot, which can be shared between a group of three to four eaters, at that price. Gift of Gods, olive oil is arguably Greece's greatest export, influencing the way people around the world think about food and nutritional health. Then relax on the sands of one of the beautiful beaches of Goa with a glass of fenny, gulping exclusive sea food dish at the backdrop of mesmerizing music. Visit Goa for its awesome beaches and taste the amazing food variety at the restaurants in Goa.
It has strongly survived for 5 decades as the sweet home of the best fish head curry in town.
For an undeniably tasty food choices, don’t go past the Bindi Masala or the Gobi Manchurian. The common ingredients used are coconut milk, rice, cashew nuts, kokum and local spices called masalas. There are innumerable restaurants in the vicinity of beaches offering you the best type of accommodations, great food varieties and every opportunity to get immersed in the fun of Goan vacations. The Goa Hindu cuisine mostly makes use of vegetables using less onion and garlic, whereas Goan Christian cuisine is mostly influenced by the Portuguese style. Most of the resorts and hotels in Goa beaches are furnished with in house restaurants, serving a great variety of food to the visitors.
Those complimentary foods will jazz up your time while you wait for the star dishes to come.Vegetarian lunch set is available. Along with fish curry and rice, the most common food items, some popular Goan dishes are Vindaloo, Xacuti and Cafreal. Even then you will not be able to resist your temptation for the crunchy food at the beach side shacks or the tasty street food in Goa.

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