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As soon as the first day of September arrives, I find myself getting a burst of motivation to “do stuff.” I suddenly want to rearrange my house, start baking, cut my hair, exercise…and a week later I’m totally over rearranging my house, baking, cutting off my long-ish hair and exercising. Ensure you allow yourself at least three uninterrupted hours to complete the clean out, probably more if you have a large wardrobe and still have pieces from 1983. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Ajax! Start with one section of your wardrobe and using your 3 categories, consider every piece and decide what you would like to do with it.
To help with deciding whether to keep or get rid of something, first consider if it’s in wearable condition and still fits (don’t fall for the old “but I’m planning on losing some weight” trick). Once you’ve finished going through your whole wardrobe, revisit your “Maybe or TBC” pile and get ruthless.

If you’re still feeling super motivated and punching the air, your next steps are to re-organise your remaining wardrobe and to identify any gaps. Except if the moccasins are electric blue, with toothpaste- white stitching and gold dangly bits…. And these tips should help you stay focused and not get distracted along the way (no matter how important cleaning our the lint filter of your dryer suddenly appears)!
If you’re really unsure, you can create a “Maybe or TBD” pile, but this is very much a Get Out of Jail Free card and not to be used lightly. I know some of you are squirming because you know you might not be left with much, however I bet these are the things that you wear all the time.
If you don’t have much left, you may want to start writing a list for what you do need.

These areas are often overlooked, but I bet most people still have underwear in their drawers that are far too disgraceful to ever wear!
It’s unnecessary and very expensive to be a fashion chameleon and change your style weekly, so be true to what you really like and feel comfortable with.

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