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When I read this scripture, God showed how in our lives His temple represents our inner life and the issues that flow from therein.[1] He said, “You’ve been doing the weight-loss thing for too long now. God had already shown me how resentment and bitterness makes one physically ill with dis-ease and cancers and I truly believed Him because, in my own life, I had seen people I knew flat-lined into graves not by sickness nor old age but by unforgiveness, bitterness, taking offense and resentment.
The Holy Spirit brought to my memory how I had succeeded in physical weight-loss by one rule: I had fully submitted to the way of the programme.
Luke 6:27-37 provided me with wisdom as to how to carry out the assignment based on what I’d heard Marianne say but most importantly what God’s Word said about it. I went down the list of offenders and to each saying ‘I forgive so and so, and I pray for their happiness and I bless them in Jesus’ name. Let me be candid and say that, some people on my list I didn’t trust that they wouldn’t offend me again.
Let me also add that, some days I felt like it, some days I didn’t but I did it anyway and about 10 days in, my mind was getting used to the fact that, it could not rule me by feelings.
Although some subjects were hard to bless and pray for happiness for in the early days, somewhere along the way my spirit just started to open up. If so, try cutting down on your alcohol intake so your body can respond faster to the clean eating (Ex. Start paying attention to what foods you are eating that make you feel that way so you can avoid them. PLAN your meals at the beginning of the week and WRITE down what you eat in a food journal.

13 pounds) and have kept it off over the years but there remained a 6 kg from the initial goal recommended to me as ideal in proportion to my height. God has a way of calling you into deep waters, as soon as you begin to get comfortable, He calls you into even deeper waters, moving you from glory to glory, expanding and stretching you beyond what you thought possible. The grace of God and a willing mind and heart of someone who loves God and wants to please Him with obedience not self-determined sacrifice was my bread and exercise. The weight of unforgiveness I didn’t know I carried from incident to incident came off and I began to feel lighter in my spirit.
Hopefully, you are staying strong and making good eating choices to see progress for your summer body. Ensuring your body gets enough protein helps preserve muscle mass and encourages fat burning…also helps you feel full!
By adding spices, the flavor of your food will seem different and yummy…your taste buds will thank you. I will have almond butter on cinnamon raisin gluten-free toast and it’s a sweet treat to me. And so as the month of March approached I got ready for this weight-loss goal: 6 kg, 30 days. I struggled with unforgiveness because I couldn’t reconcile being done wrong, abused and mistreated with LETTING IT GO. She recounted how she always tells people who are struggling with unforgiveness to pray for 30 days for the happiness of the person they have unforgiveness toward.

But for the lifetime outcome I so desired, submitting fully was my only option because I’d had enough of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.
We are in our second week of the 30-day challenge and this is a great time to make adjustments to your eating plan. You can always add some natural flavor to your water (lemon, lime, orange, strawberry, mint, etc).  Try drinking half your body weight in ounces. I eat healthy so these last 6 just needed some tough exercise to wilt away and I would be done!
I’d read about it and unsuccessfully white knuckled my way through ‘forgiveness’ in my own strength many times yet something always came up amiss. Carry a large bottle around with you and make it your goal to drink certain amounts from it throughout the day. But this goal took a dramatic turn when my daily quiet time in the Word of God led me to Haggai 1:4-10.
It hurt to fathom submitting wholly to the principle of forgiving, doing it exactly the way God says.
Slow motion, therapeutic, weight bearing, aerobic, isometric exercise for arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia, lung disease, and many others -all in 10 minutes a day.

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