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The Cabbage Soup diet plan is easy to follow.  It is so popular because you can eat almost unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables for seven days, plus as much cabbage soup as you want, according to the schedule below. Beverages are limited to water, and unsweetened fruit juices on days when fruit is allowed. Day 7: Eat Cabbage Soup and brown rice, vegetables (excluding potatoes) and unsweetened fruit juice.
No prizes will be awarded for guessing the ingredients of this diet; cabbage is of course the fundamental element of the soup. If you like Beef and Tomatoes, then today is your lucky day: You can have from ten to twenty ounces of beef and up to six fresh tomatoes.
Brown rice + unsweetened fruit juices and vegetables: Once more, you may eat to your hearts content. An excellent short term diet it may be, however, the Cabbage Soup Diet is not suitable if you want to achieve long-term weight loss. Lose weight in your sleep is the idea behind HiBurn8, which is the newest weight loss product launched by the Skinny Body Care company. With all the weight loss methods available today, sorting through them all can leave even the most determined reader with a headache.
With food store chains popping up everywhere in the United States, the provision of appropriate food choices is now much more popular.
It's true Skinny Fiber has become one of the fastest growing weight loss products out on the market today. In a cabbage soup diet, a person is supposed to eat only cabbage soup, along with a highly restricted list of fruits and vegetables. This is a simple, basic recipe having just 90 calories in a bowl, along with some calcium, iron, and vitamin C.
If you are strictly adhering to the diet, try using different recipes, altering the spice mix and adding different vegetables.
Chop the garlic cloves and all vegetables into chunky bite-sized cubes except bell pepper, as the seeds have to be removed first. Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins such as riboflavin and niacin, and will give your soup a mild, earthy flavor.
On the 5th and 6th day, you are allowed to eat beef, and here is a cabbage soup recipe which incorporates beef.

Note: This is a slow-cooking recipe which needs to be cooked for at least 7 hours, so plan in advance. Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.
But don’t go writing it off just yet, as there is so much more to this diet than first meets the eye. For a week, you eat low-calorie cabbage soup and there is no limit to how much cabbage soup you can actually eat. As well as your soup, you may eat up to as many as eight bananas and drink as many glasses of skimmed milk as you would like. The diet is a low-fat, high-fiber diet that will help you get into shape quickly before you begin a more moderate long-term eating plan.
Skinny Fiber is a completely natural weight loss supplement, made entirely from natural ingredients.
Here are a few recipes that you may use to spice up the cabbage soup, and some of the recipes here will even supplement the soup with essential nutrients. As this diet is very low in proteins, calories, and fats, but high in sodium, it should not be followed for more than a week. As cabbage soup is high in sodium, drinking at least 6 glasses of water is also stressed upon. This diet, though fast and effective and requiring little physical effort, comes with its dangers. Although this may sound somewhat gluttonous, a typical bowl of cabbage soup contains no more than 90 calories deeming it very unlikely that any pounds will be added. This day is supposed to lessen your desire for sweets, and wean you onto more natural sugars. Many struggle in long-term plans due to lack of willpower, however there are easy ways round this. 2 of the supplements are to be consumed with water (water is essential) before each meal, and this dramatically reduces hunger, thus meaning you eat less food. Many experts also advice strongly against following this diet, and the recipes listed here should be used to add a healthy and light soup to a balanced diet, rather than used as the primary source of nutrition. Add chopped green pepper (without seeds), celery, carrots, cabbage, tomato, soup mix, bouillon, spices, seasoning and herbs.

Although bending the rules, you can also replace the bouillon with homemade chicken or beef broth, particularly useful for day 1, when you are not supposed to eat any meat or vegetables. This is one of the main reasons why this diet is so effective, as you can fill yourself up and still lose weight due to the very low calorie consumption. You can instantly give a normal cabbage soup a South-Western flavor by adding cumin, red pepper flakes and cilantro, an Italian flavor by using rosemary, thyme and oregano, and an Indian feel by adding spice such as chilli powder.
Artificially sweetened drinks are a no-go but fresh Juice, especially Cranberry juice is good. If this is done on a regular basis, weight loss is inevitable and Skinny Fiber has been proven to work for many people who previously had no success with weight loss. Furthermore the owner of this blog is a true independent distributor of Skinny Body Care and may receive a commission from sales generated from this blog which helps him provide an income for his family, so thank you and have a blessed day for doing so.
Add the shredded cabbage, thyme, and seasoning, and cook till the cabbage is rich green in color.
Most of the weight lost through this diet returns quickly, as most of it is by water loss and not body fat. Of course, this isn’t an expired list, the opportunities are endless but the simple fact is that cabbage soup is as exciting as you make it. If you would prefer, broiled fish can be substituted for beef on one of the beef days (but not for both). Add around 12 cups of water, cover and let it cook till all the vegetables are tender (it might take approx.
If you want to follow this diet, take extreme care in making sure you consume sufficient quantity of soup and water, and add as little salt as possible.
If possible try and eat leafy green vegetables and steer away from dry beans, peas and corn.

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