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Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are free days so we usually will have something that Zac and my mom can’t have on TKD days, since they are Lactose Intolerant they avoid dairy products on TKD days. I have some crockpot recipes we use all the time here, cheesy beef casserole recipe is here and a very simple rundown of our lasagna is here. Many women have already successfully completed their plan–dropping pounds and kicking off their weight loss in only 2 weeks!

Supper times are a little hectic through the week, especially Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday because those nights we all have Tae Kwon Do. We do groceries every two weeks so a 2 week plan works best for us, but I know people do 1 week or 1 month plans too.
I have the veggies cut up and ready to go so I just have to turn on the stove when we get home.

We are trying really hard to eat healthier but it’s hard when you get home from working out and need to get supper ready.

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