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Yes, this diet can also be used to give your body the detox it deserves and you could lose up to 10 pounds or 5 kgs in one week. On day 1 of the 7-day diet, your body is going to feel the difference, as suddenly it will feel that it is being deprived with a simple menu consisting of just fruits.
Even couch potatoes will like day 2, as a baked potato will be the highlight of this day's menu.
On day 3, you will stay away from bananas and that lovely baked potato you enjoyed on day 2. You will start liking us again as on day 5 you will be free to enjoy the protein of your choice along with some tomatoes. You will love day 7 as it is packed with the entire menu - a combination of fruits, vegetables and juices. This 7-day fruit and vegetable diet is designed to help you lose between 5-10 pounds in 7 days* as well as undergo a full body detox which optimizes the functioning of the body, in addition to some other benefits of this 7 day diet. If you are a fan of Matcha teas and are doing the Egg Fast then you will love this Matcha Tea Fat Bomb. If you have done the Egg Fast before then you know that one of the challenges is to get those fats in.
Matcha Tea is a bit of an acquired taste but everyone I know who drinks their Matcha tells me that it is strangely addictive. I like to eat these fat bombs straight from the freezer but you could also let 1 or 2 of these matcha tea fat bombs melt into a cup of boiling water for a delicious tea.
Let’s get right to the recipe, but do check below the recipe for the benefits of matcha tea. Because silicone molds are floppy, I place mine on a small firm cookie sheet and place that in the freezer. So not only will these Matcha Tea Fat Bombs get you through an Egg Fast day, they are equally beneficial to use in your everyday keto diet! My son works in a grocery store and one of the things he loves to do is to show me new products when I come into the store. Recently when I was in the store, he showed me Kale Chips and wanted me to buy a bag.  Even with my discount for being a family member, that little bag of Kale chips would have cost over 5 dollars! So not that I want to argue with a 16 year old who wants to eat Kale, but I said no way, I will make you Kale Chips in the oven! My garden is bursting with Kale of several varieties and I have everything else I need in the pantry for this kale chip recipe. Parchment paper for baking the kale chips, vital to keep the kale pieces from sticking and burning. NOTE:  Keep a close eye on the kale chips because some varieties of Kale are very thin and could burn fast!
What could be faster and easier than making these low carb Kale Chips in the oven?  Well, I would say my son polished these things off faster than I made them.  And now that he saw how easy they are, I’m sure he will be making them as well. One of my little sideline businesses is custom gift baskets and so I think about gift baskets a lot.
It has a mild laxative effect which can be very helpful and welcome on a low carb eating plan. I think that a good coconut oil would be one of the first things I would add to your carb free gift baskets. When I was browsing through Amazon looking for salt to buy for this article, I came across these other sea salts with amazing variations! While I have really worked hard to let go of sweet tasting things, every now and then I just want it.
I like the Liquid Stevia drops because it’s easy to have sweetness control and they come in various flavors like Vanilla, Hazelnut and Chocolate. If I’m not making the sweet thing myself, then I like the convenience of a gourmet dark chocolate which is naturally low in carbs.
My favorite is the 85% Dark Cocoa Lindt Chocolate, partly because it’s readily available where I live.

I find the 90% is too bitter and the 70% cocoa is too sweet and just makes me want to eat the entire bar. There’s something magical about the taste combination of chocolate and coffee together, don’t you think!? This chocolate fat bomb recipe takes flavor to a new height with the addition of a magic sugar free coffee liqueur flavor syrup that I found. The flavor is deeper and more intense than other chocolate fat bomb recipes that I have made before.
I just want to talk about the tools for a moment because having the right tools for the job saves both time and money. If you don’t have a set of pyrex glass measuring cups put this on your birthday or Christmas wish list. Measure Coconut oil, walnut butter, cocoa powder, coffee liqueur syrup, and sweetener into a glass measuring cup with pouring spout. For 2 of these Mocha Walnut Coffee Bites:  180 calories, 3 Total Carbs (1 net Carb), 21 g Fat, 3 g Protein. These chocolate fat bombs keep very well in the freezer in a zip lock bag and I would advise you to do that because they really do taste so good! Note 1: If you choose to use ground pork instead of the sausages, then you will need to add more seasonings. Scrambled Eggs and Sausage stuffing: Just saute some leftover gluten free stuffing in a green pan, add a couple eggs and scramble. Gluten Free Sausage Stuffing Casserole:  Place 3 cups leftover sausage stuffing into a glass or silicone pan. There is just so much misinformation out there when it comes to choosing a healthy cooking oil that I can understand how people are getting so confused! Recently, I became aware of a new book written by Lisa Howard called The Big Book of Healthy Cooking Oils. Using this book you will find out which cooking oils are best for frying, what oils to use for baking and high heat and which oils should never, ever  be heated. You will also know what to do with the many new oils that are showing up on shelves these days.
There is also a lot of good information about what to watch for in the supermarket when buying and proper storage at home.
Bottom line, if you want to know what are the most healthy cooking oils for each situation, this book is an invaluable reference. I highly recommend this book both as a reference book for the most healthy cooking oils and as a cookbook to learn how to use these oils. To learn about Lisa Howard, and get more great recipes be sure to check out her website at The Cultured Cook. Not sure what it is with me and cream cheese jalapeno poppers lately but I seem to be on a real kick!
Our highly rated seven day diet has been online since 2006 and this easy to follow week-long diet has helped many lose weight quickly in just seven days. If you feel that your weight just crept up on you or you simply want to look good in that new dress you bought for your special date or event or even look good in that bikini then this diet is for you. We even give you the wonder soup recipe and instructions on how to make this wonder soup along with its nutrition facts. Your level of motivation and how well you manage your daily meals during this diet will determine the results you will see.
By now, you would have already started seeing results enough to make you want to repeat this 7-day diet, again and again. The objective of this 7 day challenge diet is to give you a head start with your weight loss mission. However, if you have never tried this diet before then it is very important for you to prepare yourself mentally and physically to make this diet a success for you.

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. And not only that, it will be the equivalent of 5 or 6 bags of Kale Chips for under 2 dollars! I mostly make gift baskets for kids but I also do a lot of gourmet gift baskets for Amazon. I love the way it tastes and keep in mind that some brands have a coconut taste and some do not.
And when I do, it’s usually something I make myself with good ingredients and I sweeten it with Stevia drops. For me the 85% dark cocoa is just right with just a hint of sweetness and the full rich dark flavor. The addition of walnut butter makes it smooth and a walnut half garnish makes it crunchy and pretty! For the silicon pans, I have bought the cheap ones from China and after a short while they harden and crack. I especially liked the healthy cooking oils chart where you can see at a glance what the oil is, what heat can be tolerated, the type (saturated, nut, fruit, seed, tropical, animal fat), the origin of the oil and notes and suggestions about usage. For those of us doing keto we would probably tweak some of them and even avoid the more starchy ones. The love affair started when I did the Egg Fast and discovered just how yummy a cream cheese omelet with sriachi is. The first time I made it was the bomb but I didn’t pay attention, I just threw it together. With this amazing fruit and vegetable diet, you will enjoy many choices as you progress through each day of this seven day diet.
Many of our members have found this diet helpful and return to our site to repeat this diet every few months. Achieving maximum benefit from this diet will solely depend on how you actually think about this 7-day diet. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
I was thinking about what I as a long time low carber would would like to see in a low carb gift basket if I was lucky enough to get one!
And most important, it satisfies that chocolate craving yet doesn’t make me want to devour the whole thing. But I still got lots of great ideas from the book and plan to ketosize a few of these recipes, so watch for them in a future blog post! Then, for transitioning off egg fast I came up with this Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers Omelet.
I was staring at a rotisserie chicken sitting in my fridge the other day and just went for it.
It was so good my son and I fought over the last portion so I knew I had to share it on my blog.
This diet will require motivation and commitment but you’ll see results in just 7 days. On a low carb diet, electrolyte balance is important and plenty of sea salt definitely helps with this. Start with the diet overview, as seen below, and then proceed to each day of the diet to learn more about what you can or cannot eat during each day of this 7-day diet.
I keep a little container of pink salt chunks around because I sometimes suffer from leg cramps.

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