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We have already done an article on a generalized 1200 calorie diet plan and its benefits, but in reality a generalized diet plan is not enough as far as our country is concerned, with such varied cultures and customs and equally diverse food habits, one is always at loss as to what foods to include in the diet and what to stay away from.
Losing weight is not as complex as it seems, all you need to do is consume fewer calories than you burn throughout the day by performing various activities and working out.
Therefore, the individual’s calorie requirement per day is 1480 calories, and in order to lose weight, he must consume less than 1480 calories.
The 1200 cal diet is a sure shot way to lose weight but that will be possible only when you take the calories form healthy foods live green leafy vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruits.
Substitute the unhealthy and harmful junk and fatty foods with nutritious organic food, whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy in order to promote quick weight loss. The North Indian diet is mostly no vegetarian and is characterizes with thick tasty gravies, rich curries, parathas, tandoors, cottage cheese and spices. The South Indian diet is mostly rice centric with delicious biryanis and rice seasoned with tomatoes, pudina, tamarind, lemons or curry leaves. Now that you know how to find out your daily calorie requirements and the foods that you can include your specific diet plan, these simple yet important tips will helps you achieve the perfect toned body with ease. Although the 1200 cal diet plan is a sure way of losing weight quickly, it is best to follow a healthy diet plan coupled with a regular workout schedule for a healthy and fit body in the long. See if you can have only chapati and cut out the rice at least in dinner, try to buy some fruits and have fruits for snacks instead of fried foods.
My weight is 66kg and my height is 166cm but my body fat% is 23,my aim to cut my fat % below 17.doing this diet is good for me?

Following some healthy diet routine I came to 64 kgs from 71kgs after my delivery in around 7 months. But now, my arms become loose, as I have c-section, I can’t do cardio to tone up the flabby skin. Therefore we have decided to come up with 2 region specific 1200 calorie diet plans which will help you to include foods from your regular diet in to the regime so that you don’t feel alienated form your favorite foods while being on the diet. For those who don’t, here is a quick recap- The 1200 cal diet plan helps you to lose weight and keeps it under control without giving up your favorite foods or starving yourself and without sweating yourself out in the gym. Each and every work we do burns calories; our body burns calories even while we are lying on the couch, w watching TV programs. Gorging on unhealthy processed foods, soda and fast food is not going to show the desired results.
Transforming over to a healthy diet will also help in achieving long-term well being and provide great looking skin. But a diet that helps in weight loss cannot include all the tasty dishes, although I have tried to include chicken in this food chart. She has done her masters in English and has done her graduation from Banaras Hindu University.
Try include an exercise routine like circuit training tabata to make it an intense workout Swimming, zumba, aerobics, weight training, hot yoga are also great options to melt those pounds. This is a generalized plan and you can always integrate and innovate it with foods of your choice.

The cuisine of South India is extremely flavorful and appetizing while being light and easy on the stomach. Eat unprocessed nutritious meals, have early dinners and get at least seven hours of sleep. If you hardly have time then start with 30 mins of brisk walking and then stat adding more intensive exercises, pilates, swimming, circuit training, jogging, running, tabata, whatever suits you. How much calorie is needed by the body depends on a few factors like the individual’s weight, height and level of activity.
Following is a generalized South Indian 1200 cal diet chart that you can always integrate and innovate it with foods of your choice. It is important you must watch what you eat, small portions of food, home-cooked and unprocessed food should be what you should be eating. Although the 1200 cal diet plan is highly recommended and very healthy it is not for those who have an extremely active life style, because they will need more calories to keep their body functioning properly. A person with a sedentary life style will need fewer calories compared to an individual with high level of activity.

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