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I’ve always known of the 12 Step concept, but I paired it with substance addiction alone. Since I receive treatment outside in the community instead of at my university’s counseling center, I am unable to participate in their group therapies, and so I figured that these no-cost anonymous groups may be an interesting thing to explore, to see what they’re all about, especially for people trying to cope with self-injury and other self-destructive behaviors.
Going in, I didn’t know much about 12 Step programs other than vague ideas, such as “admitting you’re powerless over your addiction,” or as Emotions Anonymous may say, for example, “powerless over your emotions.” I wasn’t sure that I was willing to believe that entirely, and I’m still not sure I really buy into it. At some point, I felt as if I needed a little extra in between my therapy sessions, and so I decided that I would accept this first step and tweak it as I believed it to mean. There are 12 Step groups for virtually every disorder and condition you can imagine, and I have found that working the 12 Steps can be highly beneficial as long as you go into it with an open mind. This entry was posted in Bipolar Hope, Bipolar Recovery, Personal Bipolar Experiences, Therapy - Bipolar Vida and tagged 12 step programs and bipolar, 12 steps, anonymous groups, bipolar. That word sums up why, after years of struggling with anorexia, anxiety, and alcoholism, I do not take part in A.A.
As a (very new) professional in the addictions field, as well as someone who has bipolar disorder, the Twelve Steps can be useful to some. I do wonder what is available for people who do not believe in God, or those of other faiths such as Judaism, since the Lord’s Prayer is recited after every meeting.
I think that those who say that the entire philosophy must be adhered to is only the opinion of those members.
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We admit that by ourselves we are powerless over chemical substances-that our lives have become unmanageable.
We humbly ask God to renew our minds so that our sinful patterns can be transformed into patterns of righteousness. We make direct amends to such people where possible, except when doing so will injure them or others. We seek to know Christ more intimately through prayer and meditation, praying only for knowledge of His will and the power to carry that out. Having had a spiritual awakening, we try to carry the message of Christ's grace and restoration power to others who are chemically dependent and to practice these principles in every aspect of our lives. The 12 steps which form the backbone of Alcoholics Anonymous and many other self-help groups for addicts were first devised in America in the 1930s – and whilst they only mention alcohol once, God features four times, along with references to a higher power and spiritual awakening. So what does that mean in a society where only around one-third of us say they believe in God? Fr John and Gary Smith, both members of AA, have chosen to appear under different names to safeguard their anonymity. If you are in Britain and need help with a drinking problem, you can phone the national helpline of Alcoholics Anonymous on 0845 769 7555.
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The website has been optimised for modern web browsers; for the best experience, please update your browser now. When Fianna FA?il asked me back in 2012 what defeated parties needed to do to put things right, I came up with a 12-step programme.
1) Fully grasp the scale of your defeat: All but the most blinkered realised that the 2011 election wasna€™t just a swing of the pendulum but a near-death experience. 3) Spend money on opinion research: Over the past four years, the leadership has been commissioning qualitative research to supplement public opinion polls. 5) Dona€™t waste too much time on internal reform: Luckily the party got its organisational changes done and dusted relatively early, and without much trouble a€“ apart, that is from the fuss over quotas for female candidates.
7) Accept that any policy review should be strategic and symbolic rather than substantive: Fianna FA?il has at least tried to weave together a coherent narrative about a more a€?enablinga€? state focused on investing in order to spread opportunity and equip the country for a global future.

8) Spend time opposing the government tooth and nail but avoid jumping on every passing populist bandwagon: This hasna€™t always been easy, not least because therea€™ve been so many tempting opportunities, on health, on mortgages, on water charges and, more recently on flooding.
10) Recognise that the key to that comeback is leadership, not membership: It was never going to be easy for MicheA?l Martin. 11) Realise that comebacks take two or three parliamentary terms: Fianna FA?il know this but surely no one expects the party to admit it?
12) Remember that parties with venerable traditions rarely disappear: Fianna FA?il hasna€™t but, as electorates and party systems fragment, ita€™s getting more and more difficult everywhere for the giants of old to hold on to the seats and vote-shares they once took for granted. After its near-death experience in 2011, Fianna FA?il is off life-support and breathing on its own.
We reserve the right to remove any content at any time from this Community, including without limitation if it violates the Community Standards. Mastery is the ability to remain undisturbed by adverse influence, environment or opinion and denotes exceptional ability to sustain the highest standard over time. Gurus and saints are those who have been acknowledged by the world in recognition of their mastery over earthly challenges, commonly attributed to an unusual devotion and divine influence. In its true sense the term a€?spiritual mastera€™ is bestowed in spiritual realms, however it is also granted by earthly followers, at times mistakenly.A  True spirituality comes from within, it evolves slowly and is dependent upon deep consideration and repeated testing to develop faith and belief. A true spiritual teacher provides a prescribed, tried and tested formula to allow the student to progress within a disciplined framework, while testing his or her beliefs. Where a slavish dependency rather than personal responsibility is encouraged followers become increasingly vulnerable to manipulation.A  In the hunger and search for spiritual alternatives seekers should practice discernment to avoid the mind techniques of self seeking cults. The Masters reside in etheric retreats, they hold a focus of light through a global network of planetary hubs located above specific geophysical points on the planetary grid.A  This provides in effect a global communication system through which the Masters may connect with their students.
The Piscean Age was marked by the birth of Jesus Christ, his divine nature recognised by those who chose to follow his teaching on Peace and Love.A  For Christians he is God incarnate, for others he represents one aspect of incarnated divinity of Masters guiding the Earth while for some he isA  the ultimate demonstration of spiritual mastery, a pattern for all to follow. As part of the Sheffield City Region Growth Deal, announced in 2014, a ?16.3m investment allocation was made towards a Sustainable Transport Exemplar Programme (STEP). CycleSheffield have campaigned to improve this scheme because of problems with cycling provision. I’m not sure exactly what part of the route this is, but it goes from Oughtibridge to Stocksbridge, it has been called the Little Don Link before. Recent CommentsPaul Walton on Sheffield’s long overdue tram cycle safety report is yet another disappointmentMick Nott on What WE do makes a difference. Until recently, I wasn’t aware that there were 12 Step programs for other disorders outside of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. In my mind, I feel as if I am somewhat in control – I am able to take a step back and examine my feelings, to tell myself that what I’m feeling is okay. Many people don’t buy into this notion, but it certainly helps many people and is a huge part of 12 Step groups. Read information provided online, take some literature and work your way into speaking up at a meeting. I certainly understand why so many things within the 12 Steps are difficult for a lot of people to accept, and I understand why it’s not right for everyone. Like you said, the structure and guidance that is provided by the Twelve Steps can provide both comfort and a healthy level of challenge to someone with a mood disorder. In particular, I really like the idea of making a fearless moral inventory and then making amends, except when doing so would hurt others.
I just substitute my own personal Higher Power into the prayers and go from there, but it makes me uncomfortable some times. We also make a list of all persons we have harmed, and we become willing to make amends to them all. Thata€™s why the party has avoided tearing itself apart looking for quick-fix solutions which were never there.

If youa€™re Fianna FA?il, ita€™s self-evident that the Government is clueless, heartless, and led by a lightweight non-entity. The latter focus on voting intention when what you really need to know as a party is first, what are the questions that people are going to be asking themselves when they vote; second, is there any chance that you can encourage them to ask different (or at least additional) questions; and, third, what can you do to make yourself, rather than your opponents, the answer to those questions? Given how reluctant established parties can be to do the latter, the imposition of quotas by law, although theya€™ve caused a lot of unhappiness among those who feel theya€™ve lost out as a result, has probably done the party a favour. And for the most part it managed to avoid pumping out policy promises too early, preventing opponents from either pinching them or destroying them while they were still on the ground. On the other hand, Fianna FA?il has at least refused to descend, as so many opposition parties in Europe have descended, into narrow-minded nationalism.
But, behind closed doors, very few people in Fianna FA?il really believed those elections meant they were primed for a big comeback in 2016.
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Grey to Green has bugger all to do with transport, sustainable or otherwise, the purpose is to gentrify that area of the city centre and make it more appealing for businesses. It was on the list of potential improvements to the 5WW from LSTF money but we asked them to prioritise safety improvements instead. I had stumbled across a few links online for other things such as Eating Disorders Anonymous and anonymous groups for family members of those struggling with various disorders and addictions, and there was also Emotions Anonymous, All Addicts Anonymous, Bipolar Anonymous, and even programs for those of us in debt. However, at the same time, I do feel as if I am powerless over the emotions and thoughts sneaking into my mind. I later learned that this Higher Power can be perceived as whatever you wish – any god, power, or force, and not necessarily the Christian concept of God. I’m having second thoughts about it, too, but I feel like it can also be a great tool for someone who needs that structure and outline, such as myself.
I find that in both my professional and personal life, I take what I need from different theories and methods, and leave what doesn’t work for me. And on the other hand, if a higher power is so central to recovery from alcoholism, why are there so many Christians with addiction problems? Most of us think this awareness of a Power greater than ourselves is the essence of spiritual experience. Many voters, however, think that Fine Gael is pretty much the best of a bad bunch at the moment.
The fact that Fianna FA?il is promising an independent audit of its election platform may well be as important as what is in it. I don’t necessarily want them, but I do try my best to get up and get going when I’m depressed and feel as if I’m stuck in bed, so how can I be completely powerless over my emotions? This is what appealed to me most — the openness of the 12 Steps, and the ability to connect with other people going through the same things, trying to cope day to day. And whatever they think of Enda Kenny, he just about looks and sounds the part a€“ and hea€™s not about to risk proving otherwise by going head-to-head with MicheA?l Martin during the election campaign. There have been a€“ there always are a€“ people who reckon (sometimes out loud) that they could do a better job. I am currently focusing on meditation, walking, and taking part in a program called Women for Sobriety. But, unlike many party leaders, hea€™s not a drag on his partya€™s poll rating, and hea€™s not someone who voters simply cana€™t imagine in the top job. WFS uses positive affirmations and seeks to re-build the addict’s self-esteem, while fostering personal responsibility.

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