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Our bones hold us up, our muscles move us and the nerves tell the muscles to move the bones.
Ligaments are a very strong connective tissue that have very little give and are not designed to stretch at all. Poor posture wrecks havoc on the ligaments of the body, overstretching them in many places of the body where we depend on postural support from the ligaments and muscles rather than the bones. It is very important to correctly diagnose your injuries to create the proper protocol for healing.
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Plyometrics - brianmac, Plyometrics method training muscle elastic strength explosiveness enhance athletic performance. A ligament is a short band of tough but flexible connective tissue that, in most cases, holds two or more bones together at a movable joint. A natural reason for having loose ligaments would be a pregnant woman whose ligaments loosen in preparation for child birth. They literally want to hold us together and we don’t want to compromise that by stretching them.
Ligaments restrain the movement of bones at a joint and are therefore important in preventing dislocation. Unfortunately many of us live in a bodily environment where ligaments tend to be overstretched or lax in tone.
We want to control all of our movements through our muscles freeing the ligaments to hold us together. It won’t heal faster but you can warm the muscle up and stretch it without doing more damage.

Unfortunately poor muscle tone or muscle imbalance often leads to poor alignment or instability in a joint— and our ligaments live in response to the relationships created by opposite muscle groups. When you exercise with an injured ligament, it warms up and feels good but that good feeling is not healing. Examples of this type of ligament are the iliofemoral ligament of the hip joint and the collateral ligaments of the elbow joint.
Examples include the ligamentum flavum of the spinal column and the calcaneonavicular ligament of the foot.

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