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Stretchmarks are scars that form when skin tears under the surface as a result of weight changes, hormonal fluctuations or pregnancy.
If you have enjoyed this article and want to read more by Claire Morawski, then subscribe to start receiving articles directly into your inbox. The Dermaroller medical device creates controlled micro-needle punctures of the skin surface.
As a consequence of the treatment, the skins natural repair process releases the body’s own growth and healing factors that stimulate new collagen and skin cells to develop under the skin surface. Stretch marks also respond well to treatment with the Dermaroller - a great treatment after pregnancy. The Dermaroller procedure can cause temporary pain, although it is normally less painful than alternative facial medical regeneration procedures. Immediately after the Dermaroller procedure the skin will be red, resembling mild to moderate sunburn.

There is a home Dermaroller, which does not cause as much trauma to the skin, that can be purchased from us to use in between treatments to enhance results.
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The above photo is of a client who had 6 months of 6+ treatments of Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis.
This is where the doctor goes over the skin with a roller – the tiny holes will help to induce collagen so that the body starts healing itself. Join me at the above sites to share tips and pictures, ask questions, and interact with my online community.

I try to be the one that you can rely on for all sorts of beauty info, and for result-oriented services. The repair process can take 6 weeks to become visible and will continue in the months after the procedure. The skin usually settles after a few hours but it can remain red for three to four days after a Dermaroller treatment. An SPF 50 or higher and with stated UVA and UVB protection on a daily basis with regular applications for the same period is recommended.

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