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SHARP STABBING PAIN ON RIGHT SIDE OF ABDOMEN DURING PREGNANCYBe worrisome, but really, if it normal. Though significant conditions in their own rights, it is not too often that the pain is due to something like herniated disc, sacroiliac joint dysfunction or quadratus lumborum trigger points.
Of course, there are some instances in which lower right back pain can be due to a problematic condition. For example, it could be a symptom of spinal stenosis, a kidney infection or even cancer in the worst scenario.Significance in SideThough it might not seem like there is much of a big deal, there are some actual differences between feeling pain on the left side of the back and feeling pain in the lower right back sidea€”to a degree. For example, a kidney infection can just as easily affect the left as it does the right.However, a pain only on the right side can be due to any number of conditions. For instance, the majority of the world uses their right hand as dominant, and the more activities done with the right side, the more likely injury can occur on that right side.Kidneys and Back PainExperiencing pain in the lower right back is often due to a tear in the tissue of the lumbar region, but it is possible to develop a problem like kidney stones, which require much more prompt treatment. The number one symptom of an issue like this is a sharp pain in the lower right back that is not usually relieved with massage. Of course, the kidneys are on both sides of the spine, so it is possible to experience the pain on the left side as well.Lumbar StrainIt is also possible to experience pain on the lower back right side due to pulling the muscles or the ligaments within the right side of the lower back.
Even the most microscopic tissue tears can force muscles to spasm or to become inflamed from the tears, both of which can create pain that radiating to the leg in some cases.This kind of injury can occur when vigorously playing a sport or when improperly trying to lift a heavy object.
If undergoing strengthening exercise does not help relieve the strained muscle, it is wise to make a call to a doctor or a chiropractor. Treatment is simple enough, however.First, avoid repeating the activity that started the pain, and avoid resting in bed for longer than 48 hours.
Do not favor the right side over the left even if the pain is on the right; this causes the muscles to balance improperly, which lead to additional injury later on in the future. These discs serve to offer flexibility to the back and to offer a cushioning between the vertebrae.

Sometimes, the disc can compress and break, causing the gel-like fluid from the inside to squeeze out and cause a spinal nerve to become irritated and cause pain in the lower right back.SciaticaSciatica is another condition that appears to create a significant amount of lower right back pain. Because these sciatic nerves start from the lower back and toward the legs, it is common to experience pain after a herniated disc pushing the fluid to the sciatic nerve. This is especially true if the patient experiences other symptoms of the condition that gradually progress further and further prior to the age of 40. Some of these symptoms include rashes, pain in the lower back and joints, significant stiffness in the morning, irritated eyes, difficult digestion and unusual discharge from the urethra.There is also a concern if experiencing symptoms that equally spread to both legs, including a tingling or numbness that is exacerbated by lifting objects. There are some people who experience this often because of different conditions but there are also some who experience this because of an injury. If you are also experiencing pain under the right rib cage, what you should do is gauge how serious the pain is and consult your doctor immediately.Causes of Pain under the Right Rib CagePain under the Right Rib CageAs mentioned earlier, there are various possible causes for experiencing pain under the right rib cage. Some of the possible causes are the following:Gallbladder Condition – The digestive system will not function properly when one of the main parts is not working.
There are instances when the gallbladder has certain conditions which prevent it from doing its job properly.
Usually, aside from experiencing pain under the right rib cage, people also experience pain on the right side of their abdomen.Appendicitis – There are some people who are not aware of the main reasons why the appendix exists. In the past, it was thought to be an organ that is not needed by the body but recent studies show that it may actually help in the whole digestive process.
People who suspect that they have this condition are recommended to contact the doctor at the soonest possible time.How to Know if You Have AppendicitisAcid Reflux – Acid reflux is the condition wherein they feel that their stomach acids are preventing them from taking in food because the acids are too much. Acid reflux may cause pain not only near the abdomen but near the right rib cage as well.Hernia – There are some people who do not get what Hernia is. It involves the development of the embryo within the fallopian tube and this can cause pain and discomfort to women.

Some women experience the pain more than other women.Ulcers – The causes of ulcer are usually the use of medications and sometimes the presence of bacteria that cause the stomach lining to bleed.
People would have to seek treatment for it before it worsens and develops into other more serious conditions.Intake of Too Much Vitamins – There are instances when people feel that taking in a lot of vitamins will be good for their health. In fact, people are recommended to take in just enough vitamins to supply their daily needs.
Some fractures are not detected early but can cause a whole lot of pain around the chest area.Best Treatments for Pain under the Right Rib CageBased on the things that are mentioned above, it is very obvious that there are different treatments that can help cure people’s problems about the pain that they are experiencing under their rib cage.
Most of the time, pain is caused by digestive problems so it is obvious that people would have to undergo the following treatments for that:Avoid Fatty Food – Food products that are high in fat and cholesterol may be digested much slower by the body. This can cause the stomach acids to become too much and may eventually cause heartburn or pain under the rib cage.Take Medications – Depending on the prescription of the doctor, certain medications will be recommended.
For instance, antibiotics may help cure Typhoid fever but there are also some other drugs that should be taken to eventually cure the other conditions mentioned above.Undergo Surgery – For some of the conditions mentioned above, undergoing surgery is already inevitable which means that people would truly have to undergo the surgery in order to get better.
Operation is necessary especially for making sure that tumors are removed although sometimes, medications can already do the trick but surgery is required for people who are suffering from rib fractures.One thing that should be remembered by people is that prevention is always better than cure. Taking care of the digestive system and the body overall can help prevent the onset of any type of pain. If the pain under the rib cage happens often and is becoming more painful each time, it is possible that the person would need to seek professional help at the soonest possible time. There are some people who are unable to seek medical help immediately for pain on right side under ribs and they have ended up with more serious diseases than the ones they have started with.

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