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It also complies with USGA Rule 14-3 and may be stored in the golf bag for use while you play. Poor flexibility can be very detrimental to the development of a repeatable swing that utilizes the body's full potential. The tour model is the same as the standard model with the exception of the removable handle with a stainless steel spring. The Golf Stretching Pole will increase your ability to make a fuller turn of the upper body which in turn will allow you to generate more clubhead speed. After using the stretching pole for just minutes, you will immediately see increased club head speed because of your increased ability to turn.
The golf stretches below form part of a golf stretching program that is suitable for golfers of every ability. You become more aware of your body and have more control over fine movements – so the consistency of your golf swing improves. And because the right golf stretches help to balance your body and posture, you become less susceptible to those nagging injuries that stop you playing golf at all. Keeping arm straight, push elbow into chest with opposite forearm until a stretch is felt in the shoulder.
You can use a bar or chair to hold on to with your left if balance prevents a proper stretch. Knees should remain bent at right angles and both shoulders should stay in contact with floor.
Bend left leg and clasp both hands behind left knee pulling knee into chest as far as comfortably possible.
With left knee pulled into chest, straighten left leg until a stretch in the left hamstrings is felt. You may prefer to use a towel or resistance band placed around the foot instead of clasping behind the knee (as shown). The routine above is designed to give you the greatest return for the minimum amount of time and effort.
The pros and their trainers like the tour model because it allows them to set the proper wrist angle at the top of the back swing. A full shoulder turn is when your back is turned to the target with a straight but relaxed left arm and your weight favors the inside of your right foot. Research and clinical data indicates that certain stretching exercises can be used to reduce, prevent and treat lower back injuries in professional as well as amateur golf players.Everyone knows that sports and physical activities are mainly required for the maintenance of physical and emotional fitness.
This is much more natural and serves to reduce pressure in the small muscles of your hands and arms which in turn engages the big muscles of the shoulders, back and abs.

The ligaments and muscles of the human body are very elastic, but only if the range of motion is maintained through repeated stretching. Yet, adopting inappropriate posture, poor warm-up and other related factors can lead to acute, sub-acute or chronic musculo-skeletal injuries that may lead to a variety of complications.Golf is a popular sports that is played by over 30 million adults in United States alone (according to the statistics reported in 2004 by Sportsmed (1). The use of these big muscles is essential to a powerful and repeatable centrifugal golf swing. The more you use the stretching pole, the easier it will become to achieve a fully turned position at the top of the backswing. The pole is the same length with a slightly smaller diameter grip for those with smaller hands.
Golf is increasingly becoming popular in Asian countries mainly due to favorable weather conditions and availability of golf courses in accredited academies as reported by Cabri and associates (2).Injuries like any other sports are quite common in professional as well as amateur golf players (with over 80% injuries attributed to overuse or disuse).
This is the ideal position from which to make a powerful downswing through the ball with the big muscles of your legs, abs and back in that order. Because of the residual factor in stretching it becomes progressively easier the more you stretch. According to a research conducted by Vad (3) the prevalence of lower back injuries is fairly high in professional golfers that is attributed to specific biomechanics and posture while golfing. When golfers start using the stretching pole, their first tendency is to hang on the pole and hold on tight with the hands.
Conversely, your muscles have a tendency to return to a resting position, and over a period of non-activity, your range of motion will decrease. According to the data collected by Vad and associates, the prevalence is as high as 33% (or approximately one in three golf players experience moderate to severe low back pain due to golfing). Your goal should be to reach a fully turned position while holding the pole loosely in your hands with your core muscles, not your hands and arms, supporting your turn. The very best use of the Golf Stretching Pole is to do the full swing stretch, both backswing and follow through just before hitting every tee shot.
Causes Of Back Pain In Golf PlayersVarious research and clinical studies have been conducted to identify the causes and risk factors associated with back pain in golf players to improve the quality of life.
A good way to check this would be to stretch to a fully turned backswing position and deliberately loosen your hand pressure.
If you feel your core muscles tighten, then you are holding on too tight with your hands and arms. His study suggested that athletes who experience back pain also report lower hip medical rotation as compared to asymptomatic control subjects. When you can make a full backswing with a straight left arm while barely holding onto the pole, you have achieved your goal.

Or in other words, chronic back strain may also compromise the performance of golfers and interfere with day to day activities.
Also, golfers who have poor hip rotation and posture while playing golf are at much higher risk of developing pain and discomfort (suggesting a strong association).Stretching Exercises For Lower BackResearch report by Lindsay (6) strongly suggested that target oriented stretching exercises can significantly improve the intensity of back pain.
A study conducted in 2004 suggested that stretching exercises that aims at improving the range of motion of lumbar spine (during swinging or extension) can decrease the risk of injuries on back.
Additionally, rotating the lead hip (right hip in left-handed golfers) can also reduce the incidence of back pain (1).What are some excellent stretching exercises for golfers to prevent back inujuries?The spine holds the main skeleton structure in prompt shape, therefore a strong back is crucial to the overall health of an individual. Lephart (7) conducted a study with associates to observe the effects of golf-specific training and strengthening exercises in professional golfers over a period of 8 weeks.15 golfers performed stretching and strengthening exercises 3-4 times a week during the study period after which investigators conducted the assessments. The primary aim of performing this exercise is to extend the spinal cord in order to decrease the incidence of disc compression. Use an elastic band (or even a towel or thick rope) to pull both the feet to bring the heels closer to buttocks.
You can use it with one feet as well (and in standing position too).Hip flexor stretchKneel down on the floor with one knee touching the ground (as shown in the figure).
Now try to move your pelvis downward on the same side of the body (that will automatically cause arching of your back).
Likewise, you can also stretch your hamstrings by touching the toes while bending forward.Glute stretchIt is one of the simplest stretching exercises.
Now raise your body from the ground while using right elbow and forearm as support, while resting both left and right foot on the ground.
Repeat the same exercise with other side of the body.What are other helpful tips that can manage or prevent back strain in golfers?Warm up exercises are integral for the health and stability of spine. A latest survey suggested that over 80% golfers spend less than 10 minutes in warming up the muscles before the game. Needless to say, such an attitude is hazardous and is directly related to high risk of injuries.Some other alternative physical exercises include tai chi, yoga, swimming and Pilates.
These are also to be carried out as advised by your healthcare provider.All the above stretching exercises for golfers are used to treat lower back pain and strengthen the spine. These are disciplined forms of physical work outs that need expert trainer and advice from a certified physical therapist.
Also necessary is the need of proper diagnosis of the ongoing condition to allow for specific and targeted treatment for golfers who are experiencing lower back injuries or strain.

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