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Fibromyalgia is a chronic, often disabling pain condition affecting 2 to 3 percent of people in the United States and Europe. Fibromyalgia is typically treated with a combination of drug, nutritional, and nondrug therapies. Spending time in the regular waiting room didn’t make symptoms substantially better or worse. Spending waiting time with a therapy dog significantly reduced pain, anxiety, and distress. Spending time with the dog also improved people’s moods, with no change in the regular waiting room. This study highlights what pet owners already know—spending time with your dog can be therapeutic. Problems affecting the prostate gland are commonly encountered, especially as a man becomes older. Although not as commonly seen as prostate enlargement, the prostate condition that gets a lot of attention these days is prostate cancer, another prostate problem more commonly seen in the older man. Lastly, this page also provides information on an inflamatory condition of the prostate known as prostatitis.
An enlarged prostate, also known as BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or Hypertrophy) is a common problem and it is estimated that the condition affects 50% of men over 50 years of age. Prostate enlargement is not usually a serious problem but symptoms experienced can affect a man’s quality of life by interrupting his sleep (and that of his partner), and the inconvenience of always needing the toilet, especially when on days out or travelling.
There are now a variety of ways of treating an enlarged prostate, including the use of medicines prescribed by the doctor as well as surgery. Unlike the enlarged prostate and prostate cancer, prostatitis is a condition which affects men of all ages. Hi, I had a blood test a few weeks ago to check for prostate cancer, which came back as negative.
Zinc is a good supplement to take, as it is thought to benefit the prostate gland generally.
Arthritis is a problem which arises because of inflammation in the joints, and can affect any part of the body. Some foods can increase inflammation and discomfort, whilst others can actually reduce it and relieve pain. Consider using a stress-relieving herbal remedy such as AvenaCalm or Stress Relief Daytime. Candida related illness is epidemic today due our high stress lifestyle, our frequent use of anti-biotics and our high sugar consumption.
In 2002 and 2006, I took the test repeatedly to see how the answers influenced what was recommended.
Lisa Mosing, MS, RD, FADA, who, in 2002, was identified as Lifescript's Director of Nutrition. In 2006, I found that the format had been simplified and some topics had been eliminated, but the overall thrust was similar. In 2002, I found that most people would be advised to take several of the company's products. On January 7, 2002, LifeScript announced that it had entered into an agreement whereby its products would be offered through all of US Wellness Personal Health Centers.
LifeScript maintains an affiliate program through which Web sites operators can earn $40 for every new subscriber they send. The answers I gave during WebMD's dietary evaluation should have indicated that my diet is nutritionally adequate.

Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread pain, poor sleep, fatigue, mood problems, and digestive symptoms. At our center, we recently evaluated the impact of adding a 40-pound Wheaten Terrier therapy dog to a pain clinic to help reduce fibromyalgia symptoms in our patients.
No one would think just spending time with a dog is all you need to do to make fibromyalgia symptoms get better. Symptoms of prostate enlargement become more common with age and by the age of 70, the majority of men will show signs of the problem. The condition can also be treated using Saw Palmetto herb and this is gaining popularity, particularly in men seeking an alternative to the more conventional methods of treatment. Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer found in men and accounts for up to 1 in 4 new cases of cancer in the UK. All is ok but is there a herbal or other type of product I can take to reduce the size of my prostate? Often it is difficult to tell what the precise cause might be without examining your signs and symptoms, their severity, and how long they have been present.
Most of us will have experienced episodes of muscle strain in our neck or shoulders, sometimes referred to as a ‘crick in the neck’.A stiff neck is almost always an ‘acute’ problem.
It can lead to stiffness and pain in the neck.Meningitis is classed as a medical emergency. Discover which foods you should eat fewer of (some might surprise you) and what you should eat more of instead, when suffering from muscle & joint pain.
Are you bothered by hormone disturbances,including PMS, menstrual irregularities, sexual dysfunction, sugar craving, low body temperature or fatigue? Are you unusually sensitive to tobacco smoke, perfumes, colognes and other chemical odors? Does your skin itch, tingle or burn; or is it unusually dry; or are you bothered by rashes? However, most of the questions are either irrelevant or too imprecise to evaluate dietary adequacy. People whose diet does not contain enough calcium should improve their diet or take supplements, but LifeScript's evaluation is not adequate to determine the amount. LifeScript has developed a convenient way to help ensure you're getting the vitamins and minerals you need with a personal vitamin program customized for you. But spending therapeutic time with a friendly dog can help bring your symptoms down a notch and that can make an important difference. What we know is that the prostate becomes inflamed and it used to be thought that this was due to infection – one of the treatments recommended for this problem in the past was antibiotics.However, many cases of prostatitis do not show any evidence of infection and it is now thought that other triggers of inflammation (including an autoimmune response) may be responsible. The pain comes suddenly (typically, we wake up in the morning with it) and tends to resolve within one week. If you stress a lot, this tension can cause the muscles to stay tightened and begin to ‘knot.’ Stressing for a few minutes occasionally is unlikely to lead to neck pain, but for people who find themselves feeling ‘stressed’ for a large portion of their day, the chances are high that they will experience neck pain at some point in their life. Although this condition more often than not affects the lower part of the vertebral column resulting in lower back pain, it can also cause upper back or neck pain.A trapped nerve is when the space through which a nerve travels becomes smaller and begins to put pressure on the nerve. The inflammation lies within tissue surrounding the brain, which can lead to life-threatening or permanent problems. Start today and receive a FREE TRIAL of this 14-day program and a free newsletter from LifeScript. In this study, a patients with fibromyalgia could spent time before or between clinic appointments in a traditional waiting room with a television and magazines or in another room with the trained therapy dog. If you live with a pet, you might want to add Fluffy time before exercise, relaxation, and so forth.

It is often caused by maintaining bad posture for too long such as when sleeping in an awkward position, a long drive or working at a computer for longer than you are accustomed to. It is caused by overuse or overworking of the joints and tends to be more frequent as you get older.
This questionnaire has remained a standard in assessing candida related illness for many years.
Stephen Jennings, MD, MS, FAAFP, the former medical director of BodyWise International, a multilevel company that in 1995 was charged by the FTC with making deceptive claims for weight-control and cholesterol-lowering products.
People in both groups were surveyed about their symptoms before entering either waiting area. And if you don’t have a pet, think about volunteering at your local animal shelter for therapeutic cuddling time with pets waiting for adoption. Spasms in the muscles of the neck and shoulders make the pain worse and this limits movement in the neck and upper part of the spine.Whiplash injuries are also included in this category of muscular or soft tissue problems. You may also find that you are struggling to perform some movements or experience weakness or numbnessIn some relatively rare cases, neck pain may be a sign of a tumour, either benign or malignant. After spending about 15 minutes in either waiting area, people were asked to rate their symptoms again. It is particularly common in car accidents or similar situations, where being hit from behind seems to result in the worst cases where your body is flung forward and then back. Often, there is no obvious cause for this ‘overwork’ and the condition occurs because of metabolic, dietary or lifestyle reasons, as bones and joints start to decay and wear away before their time.
A tumour begins when the normal cells multiply too quickly and a mass of abnormal tissue appears.
Crook granted us permission to use his questionnaire which we now offer in a automatic self scoring form at no charge. A total of 84 people with fibromyalgia spent time with the dog and 49 waited in the traditional waiting area. Being a shelter volunteer helps you get a therapeutic dose of pet time without the added daily responsibilities of pet ownership.
This stretches the soft tissue in the neck beyond what they are designed to do, often leading to tears in the muscles or ligaments.
Osteoarthritis typically affects the large weight-bearing joints, muscles and soft tissue of the body (such as the hips or knees) but can also affect the upper spine and neck, where it is known as cervical spondylosisRheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition which affects the smaller joints of the body, including the small joints of the neck bones. If this tissue does not invade other tissue structures or spread to other parts of the body, it is called a benign tumour, and if it does, then it is called a malignant tumour.
If you have been involved in an accident, then it is important to seek medical attention straight away, as it is easy to structurally damage your spine.
Rheumatoid arthritis may affect people of any age and all parts of the body can be involved. Whatever the case, a tumour in the area of the neck can press onto nerves as well as other tissues causing neck pain. A stiff neck can make normal everyday tasks more difficult – for instance, take special care when driving to make sure you can turn your head sufficiently to see the traffic around (and behind you), especially as you pull out of junctions.

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