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If an individual experiences pain anywhere on the right side of an imaginary line drawn from the central point of the chest, passing via the umbilicus and ending above the genitalia, then it is known as right side abdominal pain. Other structures which are not located in the abdomen, but may give rise to right side abdominal pain include the lower region of right lung and tumors from various sites. Appendicitis: Inflammation of the appendix is one of the most common causes of right sided lower abdominal pain. Investigations: Blood tests, urine tests and imaging studies like ultrasound, x-rays and CT scan.
Biliary Colic: This is a medical term for pain in the right upper abdomen which is sudden in onset. Symptoms: The pain is often acute, constant and dull in nature present in the right side of the upper abdomen.
Treatment: Painkillers are given for pain and if an ultrasound confirms the presence of gallstones, then surgery is needed. Treatment: If the size of the stone is small, then it often passes out with no further treatment required.
Constipation: Also known as dyschezia is a condition where it becomes difficult to pass or have bowel movements. Symptoms: Difficult or infrequent bowel movements, pain and swelling in the abdomen and sometimes vomiting. Mesenteric Lymphadenitis: This is inflammation of the lymph nodes which are present in the membrane which is attached to the intestines or bowel and to the abdominal wall. Mid-Cycle Pain: Also known as Mittelschmerz and ovulation pain is the pain felt by women midway though their menstrual cycle. As seen above, there are many causes for right sided abdominal pain and the treatment of right side abdominal pain depends on the cause.
The causes of sharp lower right abdominal pain in women and men are very serious and a common reason for emergency room visits. The right lower quadrant  (RLQ) area is situated below an unreal horizontal line that is drawn under your lower right ribs. The abdominal pain felt in this right side quadrant is normally acute and can sometimes be spontaneous or chronic. There are many body parts in the lower right region of your abdomen from which the pain can originate especially if you went through a recent mesh implant surgery. The symptoms usually start with an aching pain near and around the belly button or in the center of the upper abdomen which then moves to the lower right region. Pain that is associated with the ovulation process can occur on either the right or left side of the lower abdomen. An infection of the urinary tract can spread to the kidney resulting in pain and inflammation.
The symptoms associated with kidney stones include; colored urine that can be unclear and smelly, painful urination, chills, vomiting and constant urination.

If an ectopic pregnancy occurs in the right side, abdominal pain will ensue, as it can easily be mistaken for appendicitis. Therefore, if you have any abdominal pain on right side then you should not ignore it no matter how mild it is.
Right Lower Quadrant (RLQ)Appendix, cecum, ascending colon, bladder, right ovary, uterus if enlarged, right spermatic cord, and right ureter. DisclaimerPlease do not substitute the information provided by this site for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Abdominal pain is one of those pains with which each and every individual suffers once or more in a life time. Proceed to next page to know what it is, what are the causes and how to fight abdonimal pain with home remedies. The most common causes of right side abdominal pain are: gallstones or biliary colic, acute appendicitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, and other diseases of the liver. The pain usually starts in the abdomen or around the umbilicus, radiates towards the lower right abdomen. If the pain is accompanied by diarrhea, then it means there is an infection, in which case antibiotics are given. The pain is sudden in nature and subsides on its own within a few hours and sometimes 2 to 3 days. Patient should never ignore persistent, severe abdominal pain and should visit the ER without further delay.
It occurs in about ten percent of the human population and most commonly in people between the ages of 10 and 30. After several hours, the pain gets sharper and when the region is exposed to pressure, it feels tender and painful. The associated symptoms are nausea, a low grade fever, diarrhea and constipation, among others. This pain does not need any medical attention because it goes away on its own and it is not serious.
An infection in the kidney is characterized by flank pain, pain in the groin region, back pain as well as lower abdominal region pain. In some cases, the pain can be alleviated by drinking plenty of water and taking pain killers. The pain on right side disappears when you have a bowel movement and is not usually accompanied by other symptoms.
This fertilized egg can get lodged in the right ovary or the fallopian tube thus causing a lot of lower right abdominal pain in women. Most women can recognize an ectopic pregnancy after missing a period and then checking with a doctor. If you suspect that you have an ectopic pregnancy, seek medical aid because your fallopian tube may rupture causing heavy bleeding.

Make sure that you visit a reputable doctor when you experience a right sided abdominal pain. At times people get scared of it due to its high intensity but bear in mind that having strong pain does not always mean that it is serious. Sometimes, causative factor of right sided abdominal pain may also cause left sided abdominal pain.
The associated symptoms can vary from nausea, soreness, gas pains (which you can easily get rid of), as well as appetite loss. Any malfunction in these organs can lead to sharp pain in the lower right side of the abdomen.
In some cases, these symptoms are mistaken for appendicitis due to the locality of the pain.
If left untreated, this infection can lead to a widespread infection and also damage your kidneys. The symptoms of kidney stones include; severe pain below the ribs, on the side and the back. Although the sacs are harmless in most cases because they go away on their own, they can get twisted as they enlarge thus causing abdominal pain. Pelvic pains are usually experienced towards that beginning or end of the menstrual period. Addtionaly, if any information on this site is incorrect, please let us know as we would like to improve our content to the HONCode standard.
As seriousness of this pain cannot be determined on the basis of mere intensity as there are many other contributing factors and symptoms as well which one has to take in to account.
Patient may also have loose bowel movements; although this is more commonly seen in children.
The pain radiates from the right abdomen to the right lateral side and below the right shoulder blade.
Appendicitis can be caused by infections or blockages that lead to swelling and inflammation. Sometimes right sided abdominal pain may also be referred from any injury or disease which occurs at a nearby organ and which may not be exactly within the abdomen. It is one of the most severe pains which a patient experiences and the patient tries to find the most comfortable position by tossing and turning. A good example of this is infection of the lower right lung which may also give rise to right abdominal pain. Any problem with the organs and structures present on the right side of the abdomen also results in pain in the right abdomen.

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