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Bursa is the synovial sac filed with lubricant fluid and lies between tendon, muscles and bones. Rotator cuff tear or injury occurs when the tendons of the rotator cuff separate from the capsule of the joint and bone. The tensile strength of joint capsular ligament prevents subluxation and dislocation of the joint.
Calcific tendonitis is a painful condition seen in patient following calcium deposits within a tendon or ligaments.
Shoulder impingement syndrome occurs as a result of thickening of coraco-acromial ligament.
Dislocation is a separation of head of the humerus from the socket or glenoid cavity of the scapula bone. Classification of Fracture- Fracture is classified according to direction of the break or separation of the bones. Referred pain is the pain felt at different location while cause of the pain is at different site and unrelated to the region where pain is felt. When you experience pain in the center of chest, you would like to consider various other reasons that could be bothering you in the form of chest pain. The cause of chest pain can range from mild to severe ones that require immediate medical attention.
Gastrointestinal disorders are usually the most common cause of chest pain, especially in the center, under the breast bone.
Bone Disorders – Bone and joint related conditions like osteomyelitis or certain infections can cause chest pain. Muscle Soreness – Sore or strained muscles, fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome can cause muscular pain in the middle of the chest area.
Injury – Injury to the soft tissues, bones or ribs and rib fracture can cause severe chest pain and restricted movements. Pericarditis – The sac surrounding the heart may get inflamed causing chest pain in the center. Blood Vessel Disorder – Conditions affecting the blood vessels of the heart, causing damage or rupture, e.g. Pulmonary Disorders – Lung disorders that involve inflammation of tissues or an infection can cause chest pain in varying degrees. Lung Collapse – When air escapes into the space between the ribs and lung (pneumothorax), the lung collapses and may have sharp chest pain. Pulmonary Embolism – A blood clot may block the artery to the lungs and restricted blood flow can lead to chest pain.
Pulmonary Hypertension – Increased blood pressure in the lungs arteries can cause pain in chest. Computerized tomography (CT Scan) – Lung diseases, blood clots, vascular and other disorders.
As many systems could be involved in a chest pain, it is important for you to know the warning signals or red flags. Intense chest pain, discomfort, uneasiness and breathing difficulty that is prolonged than usual. Epigastric Pain or pain in the epigastric region is a localized pain that usually occurs in the upper abdominal area just beneath the ribs. Epigastric Pain Due To Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): This is a medical condition in which the affected individual experiences burning feeling behind the sternal region. Peptic Ulcer Disease or PUD: Quite a few medical conditions with respect to the stomach cause Epigastric Pain of which the most common is Peptic Ulcer Disease. Epigastric Pain Due To Acid Indigestion: Acid Indigestion also known as Heartburn also may at times cause Epigastric Pain.
Epigastric Pain Caused By Gastritis: This is a medical condition in which there is inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Epigastric Pain Due To Duodenal Ulcers: This condition is also quite common in producing Epigastric Pain. Epigastric Pain Caused Due To Carcinoma of the Stomach: Stomach Cancer is also one of the causes of Epigastric Pain.
Gastroenteritis: This is an inflammatory medical condition of the stomach and the intestines. Liver Dysfunctions: Medical conditions like hepatitis also can cause Epigastric Pain, although this pain will be accompanied with jaundice confirming liver involvement. Since there are many disease conditions that can cause Epigastric Pain, hence the symptoms experienced are also varied. In case if an individual is experiencing Epigastric Pain along with chest tightness and palpitations along with shortness of breath and radiating pain to the left arm then the individual should seek immediate medical care as this pain may be caused due to a cardiac cause. CBC: This test is done to check the levels of hemoglobin and hematocrit to identify the source of the pain. Blood Test: This is done to check the enzyme levels in the body, specifically the pancreatic enzymes to see if there is presence of pancreatitis causing Epigastric Pain, as in such cases the enzyme levels will be elevated.
The physician may also order x-rays of the abdominal area to look for any mass causing Epigastric Pain. In case if there is some problem with the esophagus suspected then the physician may perform an endoscopy to identify the cause of the problem. Apart from this, other tests like urinalysis, CT scan or an MRI may be performed to look for a cause of Epigastric Pain depending on the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. NSAIDs To Treat Epigastric Pain: These medications are quite effective in relieving pain and discomfort as well as calming down any inflammation. H2 Receptor Blocking Agents For Epigastric Pain: These agents are usually prescribed for treating peptic ulcers. Antacids For Epigastric Pain: These medications are used to cut down excessive production of stomach acid and thus help with the pain.
Normally, mild form of Epigastric Pain is a self limiting condition and will resolve on its own in some time, although if the pain is persistent and gradually worsening and is accompanied by other symptoms as mentioned above then it is recommended to seek immediate medical evaluation to find out the cause of the pain and get treated accordingly. Epigastric Pain usually does not lead to any complications, although it may quite a nuisance and may affect the quality of life of an individual.
Everything you ever wanted to know about orthopedic braces and supports, medical conditions, injuries, and treatment advice. The joint of the knee is made up of three main bones, though a fourth is sometimes lumped into the grouping: The thigh bone (femur), the knee cap (patella) and the shin bone (tibia).
Cartilage known as articular cartilage covers the ends of the bones of the joints, enabling them to slide smoothly past one another and helping to absorb shock. The knee also contains a number of fluid filled sacs known as bursa to help the knee move in a smooth manner. As you can see, there is no shortage of knee joint structural elements that can be damaged or injured, causing knee joint pain. Osteoarthritis refers to damage to the joints due to wear and tear to the protective articular cartilage covering the bones of the joints.
Besides joint pain (knee, hip, hands, neck, etc.), osteoarthritis symptoms typically include stiffness, tenderness, loss of flexibility, a grating sensation or noise and possibly the formation of bone spurs. Unfortunately, knee joint pain treatment for osteoarthritis involves efforts to slow down the progression of joint cartilage erosion and to ease pain as there is no “cure” to osteoarthritis.
Another step for knee joint pain relief includes losing weight if one is carrying extra pounds. Doctor can usually determine the cause of heel pain based on the symptoms and a physical exam. Surgery to decompress Baxter's nerve at the fascia between the quadratus and abductor hallicus. Plantar fasciitis is a medical condition in which there is inflammation and swelling of thick tissue on the bottom of foot.
Walking and stretching exercise often give relief from this painful tightening associated with plantar fasciitis. It is a common condition that causes chronic pain to the tendon connecting heel to muscles of lower leg. Stress fracture injuries of the heel are common for running sports due to the repetitive shock being placed on the heel. Chest pain on the left side can create a sense of fear as it is thought to be related to a heart attack. Chest pain can be sudden and sharp that comes suddenly or may be dull aching that appears gradually.
Left sided chest pain can indicate heart disorders, lung diseases, bone and muscle problems, or gastric troubles. Myocardial infarction, commonly called a heart attack, occurs when reduced blood flow to the heart causes permanent damage and death of some cells in the heart muscle. Angina is chest pain caused by clogging of arteries, which affects the blood flow to the heart.

Mitral valve prolapse, is improper closure of a heart valve, causing chest pain with dizziness and palpitations.
Myocarditis, which is an inflammation of heart muscle, can cause left sided chest pain with breathing difficulty. Coronary artery dissection, when the artery to the heart ruptures, can lead to severe chest pain extending to back, neck and abdomen.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma can cause chest pain along with wheezing, cough and difficulty in breathing. Chest infections, lung abscesses, pneumonia can cause deep aching chest pain, fever, chills, sometimes accompanied by expectoration. Inflammation of the pleura (lining of lungs), called pleurisy can cause sharp chest pain on coughing or breathing.
Pulmonary embolism, which is lodging of a blood clot in the lungs, can cause chest pain and difficulty in breathing.
Bone and muscle injuries, left sided muscular spasms, rib fractures on the left side can cause left sided chest pain. Nerve injuries, muscle strain causing nerve compression can sometimes lead to left sided chest pain.
Viral infections like shingles affecting the nerve course on the left side and cause chest pain. When talking of our feet, it is one of the most complex structures which consist of different types of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and the like of which one of the most important part of the foot is the Big Toe or the Hallux Toe.
Big Toe pain is not a medical condition but in fact is a symptom of an underlying medical condition. In case if your Big Toe pain is a new symptom and you have never been diagnosed with the above mentioned conditions and have not sustained any trauma to the toe, then it is highly recommend that you get checked for the above mentioned conditions by a specialist. Here it is important to note that an underlying cause needs to be identified for prompt treatment of Big Toe pain or Hallux Toe pain. During the first visit with the treating physician, the physician will take a detailed history of the symptoms inquiring about the duration of the symptoms, if you have any accompanying symptoms along with Big Toe pain. If pain medications and exercises fail to relieve the symptoms then injecting corticosteroids for pain relief. All the above modalities will be decided by the treating physician depending on the cause of the pain.
What are the diagnostic studies that I need to undergo in order to diagnose the cause of my Big Toe pain or Hallux Toe pain? What are some of the easy ways to reduce Big Toe pain or Hallux Toe pain which I can do at home?
What are the pain medications can I use for controlling Big Toe pain which I can buy over the counter? What are the steps I should follow to reduce discomfort from Big Toe pain if my jobs requires me to be on my feet throughout the day?
What are the activity restrictions that I should follow for Big Toe pain or Hallux Toe pain? Perform exercises of the feet diligently, especially if you stay on the feet for a long period of time at work or at home so that the muscles of the foot are kept strong. Consult with a doctor as soon as you experience Big Toe pain accompanied by any other symptoms mentioned above. Acute and chronic conditions present differently and often result in different treatment plans.  The sooner you treat a condition the sooner the recovery…for obvious reasons one can heal faster if treatment is sought sooner rather than later. As you probably know by the name of my website, Denver chiropractor, I practice in Colorado. Finding the true cause of your back pain is half the answer, so that’s where we come in.
Osteoarthritis causes wear and tear of the joint structures causing tear of soft tissue or dislocation. Frozen shoulder results following injury and inflammation of the fibrous tissue of the capsule.
Several ligaments and tendons are involved in maintaining normal function of the shoulder joint. Rotation or movements of the shoulder joint causes pinch and pressure over the underlying soft tissue resulting in severe pain. Shoulder joint is susceptible for dislocation because of wide range of movements within the capsule. Chest pain is a feeling of pain and discomfort in the area of thoracic cavity or chest, extending from the neck to the upper abdomen. The pain in center of chest can be of dull and constant type or chest pain that may come and go. These are mostly related to intake of particular food, appetite changes and other gastric symptoms. Inflammation of rib cartilage (costochondritis) can cause chest pain in center, at the breastbone. This can cause severe tightness and crushing pain in chest or center of chest area, which may radiate to arms, jaw, neck or back. Anti-inflammatory drugs may be given for musculoskeletal strains or injuries, antacids for gastritis, blood thinners in case of clots and other condition specific treatment.
This pain is normally felt immediately after having a meal or when lying down after eating. There are many medical conditions of which Epigastric Pain is a presenting symptom like GERD and the like. The main cause of this condition is backflow of the food from the stomach to the esophagus. Heartburn causes burning sensation in the chest due to high amount of acid secretions from the stomach which regurgitates back into the esophagus causing this sensation.
The symptoms that the patient will experience along with Epigastric Pain are pain in the abdomen, fever, persistent nausea and vomiting, and severe diarrhea.
To do this, the treating physician will first take a detailed history and conduct a physical examination.
In cases where the pain comes and resolves within a couple of hours and there are no other accompanying symptoms then no specific treatment is required. They also prevent formation of excessive acid in the stomach and aid in relieving heartburn symptoms as well.
It can also be quite embarrassing for an individual to have pain after an official lunch or dinner. The other bone of the shin, the fibula, is sometimes included as part of the knee joint due to its proximity to the bones that make up the joint. In addition, two menisci sit between the femur and the tibia, helping to absorb shock, provide stability and to distribute weight from the femur to the tibia.
The various connective tendons and ligaments of the knee along with the muscles, nerves and blood vesicles enable the movement itself. And these knee injuries can occur via a number of sources ranging from trauma to the knee to an athletic injury to a disorder.
This is not surprising, considering that “arthritis” is a general medical term used to describe a chronic condition that causes damage to either one’s joints and cartilage.
This occurs naturally over time, thus it is not surprising that it affects millions around the globe.
When that is not the case, engaging in low-impact physical activity such as swimming or biking to increase blood flow and reduce pain can also be helpful.
If you are carrying extra weight, the Bort Plus Size Knee Brace is a comfortable bariatric treatment option for knee joint pain. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of pain symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause. While this is possible, there are many other conditions that can give rise to left sided chest pain. Some people may experience left sided chest pain on exercising, deep breathing or sometimes when lying down. The symptoms and exact character of chest pain depends on the cause, which needs to be evaluated thoroughly.
The pain is severe and sharp, radiating to the back or left arms, along with sweating, shortness of breath and nausea. This is usually seen in coronary artery disease (CAD) and has symptoms similar to a heart attack; it does not cause permanent damage, but may mean that there is an increased risk of heart attack.
It causes left sided sharp, stabbing chest pain, usually beneath the breastbone and towards left side of the chest. Left sided chest pain may be felt on sudden agitation or excitement, during increased periods of stress and may give a feeling of chest tightness. Based on symptoms, history and clinical examination, appropriate investigations should be done.

In layman's terms, the Big Toe or the Hallux Toe is the part of the foot which is the last part to get off of the ground while walking.
Citing some examples, if the pain in the Big Toe or Hallux Toe started abruptly and there is bruising and discoloration then there is a high likelihood of you sustaining an injury to the Big Toe.
The physician might also ask about your daily household activities and whether you stand for prolonged periods of time at work. At the beginning, the RICE protocol will be followed along with pain medications in the form of ibuprofen or Advil to calm down the pain and swelling present. Citing examples, if gout is the cause of the pain, then the treatment will be aimed at controlling gout either through dietary modifications or by medications.
We serve Lakewood, Littleton, Englewood, Cherry Hills Village, Ken Caryl, Golden and all the surrounding areas. Bursa protects tendon, ligaments and muscles from friction with bones resulting in soft tissue damage.
Inflamed capsule and ligaments cause severe pain and restriction of the shoulder joint movements, thus known as frozen shoulder.
Instability of shoulder joint occurs secondary to loose capsule or weakness in tendon and muscles.
Sometimes pain in center of chest may occur on stretching, exercising, breathing deeply or lying down. The chest portion is surrounded by neck, shoulders, upper back and upper abdomen; hence concerns in these parts can also contribute to chest pain. In some heart disorders, surgical intervention like stent placement, bypass surgery, repair of aortic dissection may be advised. If Epigastric Pain is caused due to GERD then the pain will worsen with bending, stooping or lying.
In cases of acute pancreatitis there will be severe epigastric pain radiating towards the back and in chronic pancreatitis the pain will be rather mild in nature.
After this, the physician will conduct the following laboratory tests to confirm the cause of Epigastric Pain. In case if there are other symptoms being experienced along with Epigastric Pain then treatment is required.
If the eating habits are changed then it may lead to weakness and weight loss which itself is quite abnormal.
These rubbery discs are often referred to as cartilage, when in reality they are special ligaments. There are also a number of knee braces for osteoarthritis, such as the Ossur Unloader One OTS Osteoarthritis Knee Brace or the Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3 Knee Brace for Arthritis Relief, that are helpful toward providing targeted compression to reduce inflammation and thus pain as well as stimulating healing. Some also find relief for knee joint pain from using creams, engaging in yoga or taking knee joint pain supplements. Baxter's nerve entrapment may cause heel pain, paresthesias, abnormal sensation on the plantar aspect (bottom) of the heel, and medial heel tenderness.The abductor hallucis muscle of sprinters, dancer and gymnasts are well developed and it causes baxter nerve compression when the athletes are frequently on their toes. Intermittent chest pain on the left or left sided chest pain that comes and goes may need to be correlated with other health factors and associated symptoms.
Panic attacks, too present with a situation similar to chest due to heart disorders and needs proper evaluation.
Managing stress and following medical treatment for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity can be of great help.
After all, shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in our body and we are using it constantly. If for any reason there is pain or injury to the Big Toe, it can cause significant problems ambulating.
In case if you feel that your digits around the Big Toe also feel cool to touch and there is visible discoloration of the Big Toe area then this might necessitate an evaluation of a physician as there may be a blood clot causing this or a blocked artery. The physician may also recommend shoe inserts or orthotics so that the Big Toe or Hallux Toe is not pressurized and the pain is reduced. We always ask for thorough family history, possible modes of injury, medications, supplements and daily activities. Glenoid labrum tear is a fracture of the rim of the capsule or the cartilage of shoulder joint. Shoulder joint dislocation causes shift of head of femur in anterior, posterior or inferior position of the joint. A careful history and examination can guide towards the possible causes of chest pain in center of chest.
Most of these conditions have long lasting respiratory symptoms, cough and breathing difficulty or sometimes fever. This pain may also be associated with reflux where the food content may go back up towards the esophagus from the stomach resulting in pain and inflammation. If Epigastric Pain is caused due to Duodenal Ulcer then the individual will experience pain after a couple of hours of eating a meal.
Hence it is recommended that you get regular checkups, and if you are under treatment for Epigastric Pain, then to follow the treatment recommendations diligently to prevent any sort of complications from Epigastric Pain. Plantar fasciitis gets usually worse in mornings when the patient takes the first stand on the feet. It can be treated through a variety of methods; there is also a history of injecting steroids to a lot of patients. In these conditions, left sided chest pain may be seen after eating food or when lying down.
Which is why it is vital to get the right diagnosis and treat it properly, so that it doesn`t happen again.CausesObviously, the most common cause of shoulder pain is injury. Big Toe pain or Hallux Toe pain is either concentrated on the nail or is felt deep in the joint but an injured Big Toe can render an individual disabled as he or she will find it extremely difficult to walk and go about their normal activities of daily living. If Big Toe pain or pain in Hallux Toe is localized to the nails and there is drainage from the area then it may be a case of an infected ingrown toenail. After this, the physician will then conduct a focused examination of the Big Toe to look for any areas of tenderness to palpation of if the pain is widespread or localized to any one particular point. In case of an ingrown toenail which has become infected then antibiotics will be the route to go to eliminate the infection and then removing the ingrown toenail.
Epigastric Pain is at times also associated with medical conditions like gastritis, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer disease, hiatal hernia or gallstones.
The joint is a very complex structure, built up of numerous muscles, tendons and ligaments and any one of those can easily get injured. I liken it to chasing a horse or a zebra.  They both leave very similar tracks, but they’re much, much different. Shoulder joint injury can be the result of a car accident, nasty fall, hit or collision during sport activities etc.Regardless of the cause of the injury, you must act quickly and get in touch with your doctor. An underlying medical condition like gout, arthritis, or a direct trauma to the Big Toe causing fracture may cause Big Toe pain or Hallux Toe pain. Radiologic studies in the form of x-rays, CT scan, or MRI may be ordered to rule out fracture or any damage to the tissues or other structures.
In some people this pain may be mild in nature and subside within a few minutes whereas in some people this pain may stay for long and that it sometimes interferes with the sleep of the individual.
Some other associated symptoms with Epigastric Pain are abdominal bloating, constipation alternating with diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. If this pain is not treated appropriately and on time then it can cause serious damage to the foot and in some cases necessitating amputation of the foot as well. We also do a functional movement screen to determine weak links in the human movement chain.
In extremely rare cases, Epigastric Pain may also be caused due to some cardiac abnormality. Epigastric Pain normally is a benign condition and resolves on its own, although immediate medical treatment should be sought if the pain is associated with symptoms suggesting a cardiac cause to the pain like chest pain and shortness of breath. In some instances, the pain can cause some stiffness in the joint and headache.Weakness and numbness will often accompany pain, they are caused by pinched or bruised nerves in the affected area.
If you notice any of these signs, call your doctor immediately!DiagnosisWe are not going to go deep into the technical side of things, as I don`t think it is necessary. The easiest way you can diagnose shoulder injuries is if you notice any of the symptoms we mentioned above.If you take the time to get to know your body, you will notice changes quickly and figure out if anything is wrong.
But, if you start the treatment in time, it is possible to shorten this recovery time, so pay attention and alert your doctor if you spot any changes in mobility or flexibility of your shoulder joint.          Pain At NightThe causes of pain at night are pretty much the same as the general causes of shoulder pain we`ve mentioned above.
So, you first need to make an effort to get to the bottom of the problem and figure out the cause behind your pain.If the cause is poor posture, challenging physical activity and swelling, you can apply ice in combination with rest to relieve your symptoms. The first one was medicine and my desire to help people and when i combined it with my passion for blogging was born!

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