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The hip is a very strong joint due to the depth of the cup and strong ligamentous attatchments, reducing the risk of injury. There are many powerful muscles around the hip that can can cause pain due to strain, overuse, or from other biomechanical dysfunction.
Adductor Longus is the middle of the three short adductor muscles (adductor brevis and pectineus are the other two). Muscles involved in this exercise include extensors, adductors and internal rotators of the hip. Hamstrings comprise of four different muscles including Biceps Femoris-both Long and Short head, Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus. Among the small deep lying external rotators of the hip, Piriformis is the only muscle involved in hip extension, also the Obturator Externus that takes part in adduction at the hip joint; so both these muscles stretch while performing this exercise. This exercise helps to lengthen the Gluteal muscles as well as the upper section of the Hamstrings. Adductor minimus muscle, and check out Adductor minimus muscle on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. The adductor minimus originates on the pelvis at the inferior ramus of the pubis as the anterior-most part of the adductor magnus. It shares innervation with the adductor magnus; the obturator nerve supplies the part attached to the linea aspera while the tibial nerve (L3-5), a branch of the sciatic nerve, supplies the part inserted onto adductor tubercle.

The joint is, however, a major weightbearing joint and is a common site for osteoarthritis. The adductor magnus and gracilis are the two long adductor muscles which go from the pubic bone to the knee. Gluteus Maximus being the major extensor of the hip; Gluteus Medius and Minimus both adduct the hip and along with Anterior Medius fibers carry out flexion and internal rotation at the hip joint. All these muscles cross both hip and knee joint except for the Short head of Biceps Femoris that extends over the knee joint alone. However, the exercise may lead to stretching of the rest of the hip rotators, even if they are involved only in external rotation; as it is assumed that hip flexion stretches these muscles as well. This action is a combination of flexion, abduction as well as external rotation at the hip joint. With a flexed knee, the maximum range of this combination of movement is about 30-50 degrees. When present, this muscle originates from the upper part of the inferior ramus of the pubis from where it runs downwards and laterally.
The psoas muscle contains the lumbar nerve plexus and this can become very painful if hypertonic.
In half of cases, it inserts into the anterior surface of the insertion aponeurosis of the adductor minimus.

The sciatic nerve runs close to or even through the piriformis muscle, and this can cause pain down the back of the leg. In the remaining cases, it is either inserted into the upper part of the pectineal line or the posterior part of the lesser trochanter. The iliotibial band, a large ligamentous structure, runs over the greater troachanter and can become very contracted and painful. In cases such as arthritis where there is permanent damage to the joint surfaces, Osteopathy can help retain as much mobility as is possible and reduce the strain on the joint by ensuring that other joints (e.g. In addition, it may cause inflammation of the bursa (a synovial fluid filled sac) over the greater trochanter.
Osteopathic treatment is very effective in treating the musculature of the hip as there are a broad range of techniques that can be applied to muscles that are inaccessible to other manual techniques.

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