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DescriptionThe Encyclopedia of Woodworking Techniques is the essential reference guide for the home woodworker or carpenter.
This is followed by a section on basic techniques, sawing, planing, drilling, and sanding, and a look at essential woodworking joints and their uses. Master woodworker Rob Cosman not only offers dozens of tutorials on YouTube, along with a series of DVDs, books and tools, he also teaches workshops in Ontario, Canada and online that share his techniques.

The craft of woodworking is experiencing a revival as many people in other fields return seek out the satisfying experience of building something with their own two hands. This book includes sections on wood types, tools and equipment, basic techniques, making joints, wood finishes, furniture repair and fixing errors.The encyclopedia begins with a look at the properties of common woodworking timbers together with advice on buying tools and setting up a workshop.
Community woodworking shops are taking off around the nation, and as woodworking jobs begin to boom, learning centers of all sorts are offering a wider variety of classes.

Nick Lieurance is the online editor for Popular Woodworking and course manager for Popular Woodworking University.

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