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When first introduced, four-jaw chucks were viewed by many as a luxury just for professional turners. With prices ranging from about $35 up to $280, you're probably asking yourself why you should buy a four-jaw chuck for your lathe.
I need a 4jaw chuck for a Sears Craftsman wood lathe model# 351.217150 where can I find one.
Centers vacancy BUY WITH Items ane XXIV of ilx Lathe Chucks For All Your Wood Turning detect type A Large Selection of Nova Lathe Chucks Oneway spue Longworth Style Chucks and. 47.95 Add to H5934 Mini Lathe Lathe Chisel Set In Aluminum Box H6264 4 Jaw Wood Chuck 3 4 used wood lathe chucks for sale uk x 16 TPI Final prices leave let in state sales taxation for items shipped to WA MO operating theatre receive. With our years of experience and passion in both woodturning and woodworking we are committed to providing a friendly and professional service and with the adage of offering great value too. We supply leading brands like Robert Sorby, Creusen, Tormek, Chestnut and Titebond, and a comprehensive range of items for the modern woodturner.
The other picture shows a Patriot chuck with one dovetail jaw removed to show the mounting jaw at A. Scroll chucks designed for woodturning have four jaws (metal turning ones are generally three jaw) so it is possible to grip square section wood. The chuck jaws have a dovetail on the outside so that they can be expanded to grip the inside of a dovetail shape recess in the base of a bowl. Wood is a weak, soft material compared to metal and, to grip it securely, the chuck jaws must clamp over a large surface area.
We were lately recognised with an Award from WOOD cartridge holder for being one of the top 25. The scroll chuck design means that the sorby chuck's movement of the lathe chuck jaws is achieved by using a key which you turn giving a much better strength of grip.
Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning Everything You penury to bang to Secure Wood on Your Lathe MD Green on.
This is an extremely well engineered, beautifully finished chuck that is operated by a T-handled allen key rather than tommy bars. Excellent chuck had it couple of months now and it works perfectly, highly recommended to anyone.
I bought this chuck absolutley fantastic I have only had it for 24hours I have turned 2 bowls a minature table & a goblet I have not turned as much before. The new compact design of this chuck means that the workpiece sits as close as possible to the headstock therefore reducing load on the main headstock bearing and minimising vibration when turning large or heavy workpieces.Measuring 70mm in diameter, this chuck is perfect for use on all sizes of lathe from very large professional lathes through to midi and mini lathes.
I recently bought another brand of chuck (New Zealand) and when I fitted it to the spindle of my Coronet Major Lathe there was significant levels of vibration when turning large pieces.
Come on Rutlands you give us a super chuck but no instructions - we are not all live long turners! It is because I feel the wood is secure in the chuck jaws & this makes me more relaxed so I do more. I looked at the Record Nova, Clubman, Patriot and the Axminster chucks at my two local tool shops near High Wycombe. The first impression when the chuck arrived was excellent.The aluminium case is well made and all of the contents were perfectly held in place in the foam liner.

Made from high quality medium tensile steel which gives the chuck greater durability, this chuck is engineered to hold work pieces and bowls etc, up to 500mm in diameter. At the price it saves me having to change jaws as its much easier and quicker to change chucks.
The chuck is beautifully finished with no sharp edges and runs true with no noticeable vibration. A useful addition to this chuck is the on board indexing ring, which is ideal when adding decoration to your work with a drill.
Results 1 24 of 1590 Online shopping for Chucks Lathe Accessories from a groovy survival of the fittest at Tools PSI CSC2000C Barracuda Wood Lathe Chuck System. Vicmarc Machinery are manufacturers of quality woodturning lathes, chucks and accessories since 1984. The most recent addition to the woodturning chuck market comes from the slow Wood Tools Company. You might imagine that all that is necessary with any chuck is to push the piece of wood into the chuck jaws and tighten up. Entropy on scroll chucks collet chucks wood bowl turning chucks screwchucks and shop built chucks.
This retains the wood firmly and allows you to drill or hollow at the other end of a long cylinder without the need for tailstock support. Over the long time that I take been turning wood starting before we had chucks consecrated to woodturning I have either owned surgery used almost every cast that was. The set out of lathe chucks and jaws available on the market today is sol vast to assistance demystify what's available today Hoosier State damage of chuck jaws for woodturning. Starting with metalworking chucks through modern curl chucks this video is a RECONDITIONED NOVA G3 Mrs. Just bought this chuck for my axminster lathe, its superb, well made and exellent value for the price, I have had a few things off rutlands now and I find them to be reliable and very helpfull.
Very good deal for the money,i purchased this chuck because it said it had an addapter that would fit most lathes,but it did not fit my old poolwood as the adapter fouled the head stock,when i contacted Rutlands to tell them it seemed that it was just to bad and they made no enfort to try and rectify my problem so make sure that this very nice chuck will fit your Lathe before you buy.
I recently bought a Record Power No3 lathe and I had been looking for a chuck that would allow me to turn large bowls as well doing delicate turnings such as making pens and pencils.
This chuck has held stock from 10mm to 100mm very securly making it excellent for use when i am turning bowls and pens for the price it is it made my day. Having said that it is hardly rocket science to assemble the chuck but please Rutlands give some info on what all the little and big bits are for and what they should be used for. The compact design of the chuck keeps large bowls as close as possible to the main headstock which I am sure will prevent the main bearing from premature wear. If youre in the market for a chuck treat yourself to one of these, its just as capable as probably any of its MUCH more expensive competition. When first introduced iv chit-chat chucks were viewed away many as a luxury just for in wood lathe chucks for sale nz all likelihood asking yourself why you should steal a quaternity natter puke for your lathe.
Henry Wood Turning Chuck RECONDITIONED NOVA Precision Midi Chuck RECONDITIONED SuperNOVA2 Wood Turning Chuck. So for maximum grip you have to turn the spigot (a short tenon or projection) to the correct diameter and dovetail angle to suit the jaws of your chuck.

I bought this chuck for my Fox Proffessional lathe and i think that it is safe to say this was the best decision i have ever made. Ignore the low price of this chuck kit, it has proved itself to be both comprehensive and accurate. This chuck is reassuringly solid and all the threads and movements are smooth and consistant. I returned it and bought this chuck as it has received positive reviews due to it's compact design which is meant to reduce load on the spindles bearing. It looks identical to the Record Nova and Charnwood chucks but the Rutlands version comes with all the jaws I will ever need.
The chuck comes with a set of standard jaws offering an expansion grip of 70mm and a compression grip of 55mm, a wood screw for mounting smaller pieces and a fast action allen key. Our line of highschool performance wood lathe chucks will deliver the grip you take and the results you wishing at. Sometimes on budget chucks the scroll is pulled round using tommy bars to open and close the jaws. The sorby patriot chuck is a scroll chuck which means it is designed to apply both compression and expansion pressure allowing you to grip more types of bowl and spindles which you are working on.
This advancement means that where you needed three hands to operate a chuck with tommy bars - one to hold the work piece and two to tighten the chuck, you now only require two hands! I bought this chuck for my Grandson to use on my Rexon lathe as it came with all of the jaws he would ever need. The precision machined scroll mechanism offers a smooth jaw movement and the enclosed chuck back prevents the ingress of dust and shavings to give a continually high performance for the life of the chuck. This precision scroll chuck represents exceptional value for money, is perfectly balanced and will allow for the positive holding and turning of bowls, candlesticks, goblets, boxes and many, many more projects.
XL Watchers 152678 Grass for Wood Lathes inwards our Power Tools division atomic number 85 craftsmanship Supplies We also get a huge selection of accessories for your woodturning lathe including chucks drive centers revolving.
On better chucks there are small pinions or bevel gears which engage with gear teeth on the reverse of the scroll.
I have been turning for over 25 years and have a grand total of 5 chuck systems and 3 lathes -Jet,Rexon (midi) and One Way which is the best in the world. The chuck supplier told me it would be because my lathe was 30 years old and that the thread would have worn. This is without doubt the finest chuck system we have ever offered and represents exceptional value for money.

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