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Warm natural beauty, classic appearance and texture, and long life are the hallmarks of a custom Western Red Cedar wood fence. These popular cedar fence designs allow air to flow, and light to pass through, but provide effective privacy for your yard areas. When privacy is the primary goal, a tall wooden fence of Western Red Cedar is an ideal choice. We can make any custom design come to life for you, including country fence for farms, ranches, large estates and livestock enclosures.
For many commercial applications, red cedar fencing is a practical alternative to other materials, like aluminum, steel, chain link or vinyl.
Our Minnesota fence company purchases Western Red Cedar wood fence boards, pickets, posts and rails in large quantities, direct from sawmills, and we use only the highest grades available. Design Flexibility – From traditional front-yard picket wood fences to shadow box and full-privacy fencing, or even split rail fencing, the design possibilities are endless. Natural Appearance – The normal variations in color and texture, along with the natural weathering of red cedar wood gives your fence the organic, natural appearance that can’t be duplicated with any other material.
Do-It-Yourself Friendly – Western Red Cedar wood is ideal for DIY installation, and our company will be happy to work with you to specify and supply all DIY materials, help you with your design choices, and will deliver your materials directly to your property. There are many types of fencing materials available today, but Western Red Cedar wood remains the top choice for many homeowners in Minneapolis and St. All of our Good Neighbor® fence designs are framed in to create an identical look on both sides.
Click Image to Enlarge Cedar Fence Pre-built Grand Panels with V-Match T&G Boards and with Backer Rails.

The Standard Runner™ wood privacy Fence designs and wood picket fence designs are the most basic design of all three categories of wood fences. Western Red Cedar fence boards provide a beautiful and durable solution for your fencing needs.
Since they look great from both sides, they’re ideal for shared property line fences with your neighbors. For situations where blocking the view of storage areas or unsightly features on a property, a tall privacy barrier is an ideal solution.
Stringers made of full-dimension roughsawn red cedar wood reinforce the structure and provide a solid foundation. Cedar is often the wood of choice when building fences because of its durability and attractive look after years of weathering. Your solid, sharp looking Solid Board Wooden Fence Design is an economical choice from the privacy fence designs. This makes wood fences a popular choice for discriminating homeowners throughout Minnesota. If you’re planning to build it yourself, you can save money and let us supply you with the highest quality posts, rails and pickets or boards. Durable panels and pickets are selected from high-quality wood to be resistant to warping, splitting, and rotting. All of our fences are made of rough sawn Northern White Cedar boards and framework, and treated MicroPro Red Pine posts. Western Red Cedar, grown in the Pacific Northwest, is a renewable, sustainable, material and offers the additional appeal of an environmentally-sound, natural fencing material.

A picket fence in your front yard gives your home a classic appearance at a very reasonable cost. Corrosion-proof aluminum or stainless steel nails keep your fence strong and looking great, without ugly rust stains.
Properly built, a red cedar wood fence will last for decades, standing tall and weathering gracefully to provide lasting beauty to your property.
Our picket fences and other spaced fence designs are also available as a do-it-yourself kit. Western Red Cedar is lightweight, strong, durable and weather-resistant, too, and can be shaped to create any fence you can imagine. Whether you build it on your own and take pride in your care and workmanship, or have our experienced crews build it for you, you’ll know that your fence will provide a sense of pride and add traditional natural beauty to your property and your neighborhood. Our trained, experienced crews can build your fence to match your design perfectly, or we can work with your design to supply all materials and deliver it to your location in the Minneapolis and St. As with all of our fence designs, customers can make any desired changes to meet their needs.
Or pick out one a design from the picture gallery on this page, then contact us for a free quote and let us build it for you. If you are curious as to how your fence will weather if left unstained, refer to our durability page for a photo.

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