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Click below to see how MirrorMate has been featured and used in several household and DIY renovations. Good Housekeeping offers some easy DIY tips to "Redo Your Loo", including dressing up the mirror with MirrorMate's pre-cut, self-adhesive frames. In a recent episode, Drew and Scott used a MirrorMate frame in Bellemeade Vintage Silver to makeover a client's unframed bathroom mirror. A selection of MirrorMate frame styles are featured in The Best for the Bath, showcasing how a frame can "dress up an unframed, wall-mounted mirror". I am going to show you how I made a frame for my bathroom mirror using a miter saw, but don’t fret because at the end of the post I am going to show you how EASY it is to do without a miter saw, too. Now if you like the way the moulding transformed the look of the mirror, but are thinking that you don’t have a miter saw or the skills to do this yourself – READ ON about how easy No-Miter Moulding is to work with.

It goes together like this- a block at each corner with baseboard or trim moulding on top, bottom, and sides of mirror.
All you have to do is measure your mirror – width and height and take those measurements to the home improvement center.
Once you are successful and see how easy it is to frame out a mirror, you will be looking at every room of your home to see where you can apply your new skills.  The hardest part of using No-Miter Moulding will be deciding what decorative pieces and corner blocks to use. This eco-friendly option not only saves the mirror you have; it saves you from traditional framing or buying a more costly, pre-framed mirror.
Our high-quality, professional grade wood and MDF frames come in over 60 styles to adorn any decor. Order a custom frame to fit.The frame installs in minutes while your mirror is on the wall.

Once your moulding is cut, you need to paint the back of the molding near the top edge so the unfinished back won’t be reflected in the mirror when the moulding is installed. Pick your block and subtract the size of each block from the size from your mirror measurements.

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