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Kwikwood is a hand mixable epoxy putty specially fromulated to repair and rebuild wood quickly and easily. Woodworkers often look at the workbench with a nice bead of wood epoxy putty wood repair glue should be more than have to deal. The bottom line is that, when it comes to do-it-yourself stuff, you should combine the different types of supplies and tools that you have with epoxy putty. It comes in a clay-like consistency with two components that when mixed together would create a strong epoxide polymerase.
There is no bonding tool that is as powerful and strong when it comes to bonding materials as epoxy putty.

When epoxy putty is cut and then molded, it can be used to form a very strong bond with a seal that is air tight. There is an increasing number of people who use epoxy putty to make bonds in places such as around faucets that are leaky on some very old pipes or even create a patch on a pipe that is actually leaking. For a guy who is keen on DIY, you should make it one of your top priorities to have epoxy putty in your toolbox.
Of all the types of epoxy putty that are available, the most common one is the plumbers epoxy putty.
The main reasons for this are that epoxy putty is very easy to mold and shape and even though it is easy to work with, it keeps a firm bond.

It is for this reason that epoxy putty is very popular when it comes to filling in gaps between materials like wood frames or even insulation. It is also important to state that when the epoxy putty is used for these purposes, it should only be used as a temporary solution and not a permanent one. When used in this respect, therefore, the epoxy putty should be used to give you or the repair guys enough time to look for more permanent solutions.

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