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When ink spills on your beautiful wood floor, getting rid of the ink stain is something you need to do instantly.
You should realize that when you remove the ink stain that penetrated the finish of the wood, the finish will come off with it too and you will have to refinish the affected area. Check if the stain is still visible and repeat the process if the stain is still prominent. Let the solution sit on the surface for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the gravity of the ink stain. Hydrogen peroxide is a very strong bleach and should be used only as a last resort for removing stubborn ink stains. Although it is not alcohol-based, nail polish remover is also a good household item that can effectively remove ink stains. Wood floors are not all the same since they can come in different finishes; this should be considered when thinking of ways to remove the ink stain.
After the stained area has been moistened with the household product you’ve chosen, add a few drops of clear liquid laundry detergent to the stain area.
The stain should be gone, but if there is still a trace, repeat the process of applying the alcohol-based item to the stain.

The stain should be gone, but if there is still a trace, repeat the process of applying butter to the stain.
Choose a cloth that you don’t mind getting stained, since the ink will transfer to this cloth. Put a small amount of an alcohol-based cleaner such as cheap hairspray or rubbing alcohol on an inconspicuous spot on the wood. Use enough hairspray or other alcohol-based cleaner to fully cover the stain.[6] If you’re using hairspray, cheap hairspray is best, as it contains a higher percentage of alcohol than more expensive hairsprays.
Stain removers such as OxiClean and Resolve are readily available at grocery and drug stores. If your carpet is not colorfast, however, the cleaning product might remove color from the carpet fibers. Use a natural oil or commercial furniture polish such as Pledge on the furniture to restore the wood finish. Tackle ink stains as soon as they happen and you’ll save your clothes, carpet or furniture from permanent stains. Let the cleaner sit for 1-5 minutes to soak into the stain and to allow it to work on dissolving the ink.

Use cotton swabs to apply the hairspray or other household item, especially if the ink stain is a thin line. Use cotton swabs to apply the household product, especially if the ink stain is a thin line. Keep turning the cloth over to a fresh surface so that you are not transferring ink back onto the wood. Vitamin E oil and olive oil are good natural options.[10] Pour a small amount of oil on a cloth and rub it into the wood. A range of products can be used to remove stains, from household items such as hairspray and rubbing alcohol to commercial cleaning products to natural items such as butter.
This will ensure that the ink stain will not run through the fabric and stain more of the fabric. Whatever the state of your wood floor and stain is, you can find the steps here to effectively remove that ink stain.

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