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Since 1977 Ken has been designing and making willow furniture using all natural, sustainable materials. As that time rolls around we announce when the new dates will "go live" in our e-newsletter. On the following morning, students will take a field trip to identify brushwood species and to gather materials for the chair seat and back.
By day three students will finish their chair and talk about other applications such as footstools, tables, etc.
The better half and I rented a cabin once that had a lot of furniture and a faux balcony done this way. I am having so much fun using your pattern and making tables of various sizes from old (and new) Yucca Plant Stalks. The twig chair is the hallmark project for someone who appreciates the traditional craft of twig furniture making.

Jim will bring plenty of green willow and lead you through the process of making a rustic, bent willow chair using only hand tools. A harvesting field trip will provide an opportunity to gather some of the materials that will personalize each chair, in addition to providing a chance to field identify twig furniture materials.
Join Master Furniture Builder, Bim Willow, as he teaches you to mold and bend fresh willow into beautiful, long lasting furniture. During the first day of class, students will construct a basic chair frame using materials provided by the instructor. Once registered, students will receive a confirmation packet in the mail that may offer additional optional tool recommendations and suggested reading.
At the end of the workshop you will have a beautiful, handcrafted piece of rustic furniture to take home.
I wonder because a Gumbo-Limbo branch will grow on its own after planting it by burying the branch about 6 inches in the ground, however the Gumbo-Limbo grows best in sandy well drained soils like in Florida so it might not work in all regions of the USA.

In this course you will work with native alder and willow following a basic twig chair design that can be individualized with curved, bent, or straight twig furniture techniques. Decisions regarding course cancellations (as related to minimum enrollment) are made three weeks before the class starts--so if you've got a course in mind, plan ahead and sign up at least three weeks in advance! Taking that into consideration, if you would use the Gumbo-Limbo to build your furniture, you could have furniture growing in your yard! As he demonstrates how to build a willow and stick chair, Bim will explain the history of rustic furniture, read excerpts from his books and poetry, share what he has learned from his craft and have a discussion with the audience on flexibility, the art of imperfection, contentedness, and the ability to see value in what is often overlooked.

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