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In the world of VW buses, the Type 2 1971 Westfalia, with disc brakes and air cooled engine, in my opinion, is the best of all VW buses.
The main mattress is accessed via a ladder, while the playroom with convertible futon for sleepovers, sits appropriately inside…just like the real thing! These are pictures of the completed project, knocked down, to show how easy it is to move into the bedroom. The top frame is a little bigger than the top of the bus, due to the size of a single mattress.

I had already finished this part of the bus, but I will do my best to explain the position of pieces in the attached photos. The inside will be used as a play area here, but it will easily fit a single mattress for when he is old enough to have a friend over for a sleep over.
I want it to be just like an old VW WITH THE DOOR OPEN AND YOU CAN EE THE BED THAT TAKES UP ALL THE SPACE. Constructed of lumber, hardware and found car parts from the wheels up, its cost is approximately $500 (mattress not included); a pretty descent price compared to other store bought bunk beds.

They are a worldwide group of bus owners who share ideas and help each other with bus related problems. I wish everyone would include sketchup (or any) plans of their cool ideas to truly be sharing them and not just showing off.

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