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Kid come first in our family, so of course, down goes the pretty blue swing, and back up goes the plastic fisher-price baby safe swing.
We love how this swing turned bench turned out so much, I've gotta share the plans with you! One of the driving factors in how I design a furniture plan is I imagine myself building it. And when you redo a plan three times because you are not completely satisfied with it, well, you end up organizing your sketchup file better, and that ends up with an easy to do video.  Make sure you watch the video, it'll all make sense! If you can't get the video to load, you can click here to see it.  I promise, it's worth your time if you are curious how this chair goes together!
For inspiration, I looked to the West Elm Wood Slat Armchair and the Nantucket Collection from Restoration hardware, but as you may have noticed, Knock-Off Wood is becoming much less of a knock-off and more of a inspired handmade site, so this chair is not an exact replica.   Because to replicate either of those chairs, I would be forcing you to buy very expensive cushions, and my intention is to keep your options open, not limit them. Free Do it yourself woodworking plans to build a Restoration Hardware inspired Outdoor Chair, from the Nantucket Collection.

And after posting the loveseat and coffee table, I wanted to follow up with the Chair, today's plan. After seeing this collection I am finally dedicated to making some great outdoor furniture for us to enjoy this summer! But then I thought, you maybe don't have a Momplex needing siding and decks put on, and maybe you would want to build and enjoy some chaise lounges this summer. We really wanted to make these chaise lounges very affordable, so they are 24" wide to conserve wood - made of 1x3s which tend to be significantly cheaper than their slightly larger buddies, 1x4s.
Of course we have the plans right here for you - but please, take a second and stop over and read Brook's post on building these lounge chairs and her tips and tricks! Hi Mark - I asked Brook to place the notches where she felt they would be most comfortable to you. The plans are always easy to follow and the designs are for creative and useful items for the home!

I had been planning to modify the Simple Stackable Chair into a bench, but this will be a lot easier. Thread one bolt through a washer, slide the bolt through the whole on the outside rail, add one more washer, add the back of the chair, add another washer and then the nut on the end. I like this plan because it's all straight, right angle cuts, a one day project, which I tackled by myself.
UPDATED: For lesser of an incline, place this back support to the inside of the legs instead of to the outside.
I plan to paint it with primer, then white exterior paint, both of which I have around the house.

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