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To test the mortises in the top, I built a test tenon exactly the same as the tenons on the legs. I haven't chiselled the glue off the top yet, nor have I installed the vise(s) or deadman, but here is a nice view of the table.
Stuart in MN12-30-2010, 12:20 PMI had a workbench in my old garage with a top built of oak flooring.
ORBIT Workbenches and Workstations address both the need for a durable work surface and the need for efficient storage in the workplace.
First thing I did when I finished it was to slam the bottom of a beer bottle down on the top to make its first scar. After a moderate amount of browsing the web and the local woodcraft store I finally bought Chris Schwarz's Workbench book and decided to build his Roubo bench shown on the cover here.
Since I'm moving I had a half-built pool table in the next room over and the granite was already on the top! The top weighs about 250 lbs and I knew I wouldn't be able to get it off a real table top (and it might have collapsed my precious pool table) so I glued it up where it would end up.

I cut the dowels to size then used my disc sander to make them look like little pencils (sharpening the top). KEH12-30-2010, 05:02 PMBenches like that have been made by taking reclaimed oak flooring, removing nails, ripping tongue and groove off on table saw, running boards through planer to remove the groove on the bottom and the finish on the top side, then gluing and clamping the wide sides together not wider than the planer that is availiable, say 12 inches wide.
In an industrial workshop, a steel workbench, with a bench top of sturdy steel or timber, is as necessary as the tools for the tasks carried out in the workshop. So, to size the tenon I clamped my belt sander to my table-saw top and lightly pressed the tenon to the running sander belt.
Gluing was difficult because I didn't want glue on the tenon tops but the tenons were pointing upwards for the glue-up. Swan12-23-2013, 12:36 PMI recently bought 45 square feet of old hard maple basketball flooring and made two bench tops for my motorcycle shop.
After gluing and nailing the flooring on top of the bench, I then belt sanded the top surface after wrapping the workbench top edge in solid oak.
The usual choice is hard maple but I used white oak because it was substantially cheaper and I like oak.

An adjustable workbench with drawers can provide local storage for anticipated tools, parts, electronics and consumables, resulting in less lost time in walking to a parts store or tool store.
Better yet, the fit was tight because some glue had run into the mortise in the top and reduced the mortise width a tiny bit.
Whether you require a fixed or a portable workbench, your productivity can significantly increase, regardless of whether you are working with metal, wood, food, chemicals, or electrical items, if you have chosen the correct surface type and properly configured your storage. I wasn't convinced oak would drawbore as well as pine (getting smarter as the project proceeded) so I didn't drawbore, I just pegged at the clamp position. Instead some glue filled the space above a leg shoulder or two and the legs were not as flush at the top as I would have liked.

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