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Hammers, hatchets, axes and sledge hammers usually have wooden handles and eventually they all get loose and break in time. Hardware stores everywhere sell replacement wooden handles, but when you select one, look for growth rings that extend from the front of the handle edge to the back.
I was reminded of all this last week when I made a new 18” long wooden handle for one of my 4 lbs. Fitting a new handle to the tool head is the same whether you make your own handle or buy one ready-made. If you don't have the equipment to make your own wooden handles, you can always modify the handlebars you've already got.
Keep an eye on the old handle if it’s around and let it guide you as you shape the new one. You can see that the "male" part of the keeper snap is covered by the folded leather (on the short side of the keeper) to protect the knife handle from brass corrosion; while the "female" snap cap goes through both layers. Are good quality and in good method, the wood will relax gorgeous piece is one we have already. Get a new handle, whittle it to fit your tool head, then anchor the handle into the head so it doesn’t move. Where my homestead is on Manitoulin Island, Canada, ash is the wood of choice for tool handles, but hickory is even better if it grows where you live. This is the quick and easy way to transfer the maximum diameter of the socket, to the shoulder cut with the parting tool on the tenon.

That’s why learning to replace wooden tool handles is such a useful self-reliance skill. For a detailed, illustrated lesson on the process, download my free, full-color report How To Replace Wooden Tool Handles.
I had placed the sheath in the sunlight for several hours to help bring out the stripes in the wood.
After using your table saw to cut your handle blank to thickness and width, tilt the blade over 45º to saw off the corners of the handle blank. Once the rest of the handle has been roughed down to the desired diameter, I start cutting in the overall shape that I want. During the process of making the sheath, I would also remove the chrome and reprofile the blade.
Use some LED tape to make them super bright, or if you prefer something simpler, just wrap them with handlebar tape. Bob Smalser on rehabilitating old chisels including making handles without a lathe and making a leather washered chisel handle. I have put some glue on the leather where it will be attached to the back of the sheath and wrapped with synthetic sinew (passing through the "eye" on the top of the sheath).The belt loop portion of the leather will be folded toward the center line and "baseball stitched" to form a double thickness. Because the blade of the knife is tapered, I tapered the insert for the top of the sheath so the blade would fit more snugly; which is now glued and clamped. The blade of this old Marble's Woodcraft (which I bought at a "flea market") had been beveled and chromed.

I marked the leather with a marking wheel, and used a needle mounted in the handle of a mini-screwdriver set. The block of wood has a small hole drilled through it (just slightly bigger than the diameter of the needle).
Also, the leather (sheath and knife handle) has been hand rubbed with Fiebing's "Snow-Proof Weatherproofing". Or if you're looking for something a little less flashy, you could make your own set of custom wooden handlebars like these by furniture designer David Moore.
Once I got the depth I was looking for, I only had to make a short sliding motion with the saw, as there is very little straight section in the Woodcraft. I will also put a hole through this piece, and lace the belt loop and keeper to the wooden part of the sheath by wrapping (synthetic) sinew and leather lace over the sheath and through the hole.
By placing the needle on a mark (where I wanted a hole) and then placing that spot directly over the hole in the wood block, the wood around the hole in the block supported the leather and made it easier to push the needle through the tough Elk leather.

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