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Snail track Mahogany is fairly rare and I think it may have to be described as super intense plumb pudding.
We have worked with many different burl and crotch woods over the years for a variety of applications. It is a rich looking wood varying in color from pale pinkish to white with brown or black pecking and cluster markings. Crotch and Burl woods are expensive and becoming even more so, so it should be pressed with care and for durability and longevity. Keep in mind that Crotch Mahogany is expensive and I do not believe that it should ever be used as paper back. These veneers are thin, expensive and the waste factor can be great so don't cut yourself short when your buying these cuts of wood.

If you use contact cement to glue Burl, Crotch or any other wood veneer to any surface, you will most likely experience adhesion failure. Some of the species, such as Persian Walnut, are popular for their fruit where others, like Black Walnut, are popular for their wood. There is nothing wrong with questioning the source of any wood that we buy or, that you may buy from us. It should not be paper backed and flexed because I feel that it is a waste of heirloom quality wood at best. Learn how to build this simple with the right plans, materials, and mahogany wood veneer suppliers miter saw reviews in order. Wood fibers weave together to strengthen the limbs or branch involved forming the crotch and feather appearance.

I do not recommend using paper backed burl and crotch wood for the construction of anything especially heirloom furnishings. The color is that really nice traditional deep rich reddish brown tone that Honduran Mahogany is known for. The term rat tail is sometimes used to describe the heart of crotch wood nearest to the center of the trunk. Elm Burl veneer is typically used in high quality architectural wood working, high class furniture, automobile interiors and as accents and inlays.

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