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More from my siteTutorial: Painting Furniture {anyone can do it!!}China Cabinet Transformation! I also gotta say, I have never heard of lacquer PAINT, I always assumed it was just a stain or a clear coat. We also strip, undercoat and paint wood items with fine sprayed oil paint or solid color lacquers!
We have the finest environmentally friendly overflow stripping system in the Midwest that will not damage fragile veneer or joints.We operate the finest furniture stripping and furniture finishing operation that we know of anywhere! Protect your lungs with a 3M Tekk Protection mask, and spray your table with grey colored lacquer.
We used two sizes of ScotchBlue 3M Painter’s tape to create one large stripe and two small ones on each side.

After the white lacquer dried, we started removing the painter’s tape {which created the grey stripes}. We decided this was actually not a good idea because the clear lacquer seems to run easier than the colored base coats. In order to distress the creases, I got a small flat screwdriver and scraped off the white lacquer before we sprayed on the clear coat. It took a lot of work, but we wanted the table to last, and although I LOVE spray painting, I know that painting with lacquer is a much more durable way to paint furniture! Upholstery that requires some wood repair, stripping and refinishing of the wood, and then upholstery requires the double period. Since the table had a smooth flat finish, we got a perfect paint line without fussing with it at all.

I used the same lacquer products that I used in this previous post about spraying kitchen cabinets. As we pulled off the vinyl, the pretty wood portion of the table made all the work worth it!

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