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A built-in window seat provides the best of both worlds, storage AND seating while looking classy. The openness of this light fixture complements and catches all the natural light pouring through the windows.
A sturdy tray beneath the canisters and other centerpiece items makes it easy to clear the table and make way for delicious food. Installing crown molding and thick molding around the doors and windows dresses up the room. While traditional approaches may first come to mind, an increasing number of modern homes are celebrating the magic of the bay window by introducing contemporary seating into this sacred space. While many banquette benches traditionally wrap around a corner to form a nook, this open layout features a built-in window seat banquette bench and I love the look! Today we explore bay window innovation in the modern home!Bay windows project outward from the wall, forming a recessed nook inside of the home.

If you’d love a window banquette in your home, read on for our seven tips for bringing this casual but classic design to life. See how Kristen from Lipstick and Sawdust pieced together hanging lanterns for her kitchen, and Mandi from Vintage Revivals created her own custom lights out of glass urns. Interestingly enough, even traditional homes are branching out and incorporating new elements into bay window seating, such as trendy fabrics.
Don’t forget that bay window seating can reinforce the design style of your choice! [from Megan Nordin Designs]50s Modern-style bay window seatBenches aren’t the only bay window seating making a splash!
While the window itself technically isn’t a bay window, we love the way these homeowners had fun with this picturesque nook by making an unexpected seating choice.
Then watch as guests fight over this cushy nook! [from Upton Architecture]Comfy chair bay window seatingSpeaking of comforts, one approach to decorating a bay window area is to fill it with pillows and other welcoming items. And we like it! [from Freeport Woodworking]Clean-lined bay window seatingDon’t forget that bay window seating can also perform a storage function.

Yet setting aside the space for a window seat can be a strong reminder than even on the busiest of days, it’s OK to step away from the paperwork. Sometimes we forget about the power of textiles in the kitchen, but when you have a chance to add pillows, cushions and curtains, take it! And make it bold! [from Architect Lines]Kitchen bay window seating A kitchen window seat can also double as dining seating, especially in small spaces like the galley kitchen and compact dining area below.
Pull the table right up to the bench, add a couple of chairs (or not), and voila–you have a dining vignette! [from Jessica Kelly Design]Dining area window seatIn fact, in some homes, the bay window area becomes the dining room.
Below, a Saarinen table makes a modern splash, while striking curtains and sculptural lighting draw the eye upward. [from Risinger Homes]Bay window seatingSometimes the best bay window seating involves chairs, as shown in this next modern dining space.

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