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Occasionally, on investigation, a rocking horse is found to have its original dappling more or less intact, albeit, hidden beneath many layers of good old Woolworth gloss paint!
On investigation, a small amount of original hair was found in its tail hole, so this rocking horse will also have its original hair colour. This was an unusual rocking horse, it was mounted on a set of original Ayres bows but the horse itself was constructed from an exotic hardwood.

On arrival most rocking horses have several layers of shiny gloss paint, masking their original appearance. The Ringinglow Rocking Horse Company manufacture and sell the nicest and friendliest faced traditional wooden rocking horses in the world, for you to buy. Our handmade wooden rocking horses are on sale and available for you to buy at many top stores in London, Cheadle, Sheffield, Bristol, Derby, Clitheroe, Norwich, Newcastle, Polperro, Shrewsbury, Taunton, Wetherby, Windermere, York, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Norfolk, Lancashire, Suffolk and more.

These are the best and the best selling rocking horses in the country, please beware cheap foreign imitations.

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