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I make an effort to buy as little "new" as possible, and I admit some things are hard to source used. Above: Sawtooth hangers are the most common frame-hanging hardware available, and so they're what most people use.
Above L: Screw eyes of various sizes—one at each side of a frame allows wire to be strung across the back.
I chose D-ring hardware for the beveled frame (the back is not flush against the wall—it meets at an angle), so that the ring lies flat against the wall when hung. The beveled frame was made of much harder wood than the screw-eye frame; I used a drill to make small pilot holes in the frame before driving the #8 screws into it. Step 4: If you're framing a print, photograph, or anything on paper, add a piece of cardboard to make the artwork fit snugly in the frame. Above L: Use the putty knife to push the tip of the glazier point into the side of the frame. Step 7: Using wire cutters or heavy-duty scissors, cut a length of metal wire that is approximately 20 percent wider than the frame.
Also, when you cut your sides it helps to clamp the two opposite sides together so that when put your frame together, they are the exact same length and everything fits nice and neat.
Repeat this process on the other side with your other measurement and you’ve got Plexiglas to go in your frame. Now lay your wood out with the front of the frame facing down and attach each side together with an L bracket.
Do this on each of the four corners and you’ve got yourself a frame, well the outside of one anyways. I just dropped my picture in and put a few pieces of painters tape along the back to hold it in place.
I eventually want to build a headboard but am having issues deciding on which one I want to make.
Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool. With them I learned that the trick is to drill pilot holes first wherever you want to insert a screw or fixture. I carried the frames along me to make sure the glass fit—it's smart to check; old frames often have wonky dimensions.

I like to leave mine somewhat loose so they're easy to pull out with pliers when I want to swap out the artwork. And since I took all the pictures in the house down to make my Gallery Wall I’m finding new homes for the ones that didn’t get used. Make your first cut (at a 45 degree angle of course) then measure from the inside corner out by the length of your picture. I don’t have a router table though so I just improvise, clamping the wood to my table and moving the clamps as I go. Take a yard stick or another scrap of wood that has a straight edge and clamp that to the table on your line. I am so in love with this technique, the one The Friendly Home shared here and I have been using it on anything and everything. Then, hold your 1×2” up where you want your ledge to be with a level on top of it to make sure it’s straight and put a screw into each stud. You can also purchase these little metal tabs that stick into the side of the wood and hold your picture and glass in place if you like.
Cut the sticks with a miter box and saw or if you don’t have one, the sticks are very soft and can be cut with a craft knife or even wire cutters.
Cut the wide piece of balsa wood for the top last, so you can cut it to fit inside the frames once they are glued together. With a pair of pliers, screwdriver, or tiny crow bar type tool,  turn the metal insert in the candle cup to the inside of the cup. The wide balsa wood piece cut for the top also needs to be cut lengthwise to fit into the sandwiched frames so that is is even with the top of the frames once it is placed inside. Sand the sides of the wood with 100 grit sandpaper to thin it out so it will fit into the holder once it is assembled.
Choose any beautiful guest book, like this Handsome Velvet Guestbook from BHLDN, but jazz it up by providing your guests with decorative paper and washi tape. Distress frames: Once your top coat of paint is thoroughly dry you will want to move into the sanding stage.
Reassemble: Once the stain has dried, you can gently place the chalkboard coated glass back into the frame, being careful not to scratch the surface. They're a dime a dozen at secondhand stores, and the old wooden ones are far more interesting than their plastic-wrapped counterparts, anyway.

When one piece of glass was slightly too big, my salesman at Lowe's patiently stuck with the task, trimming each edge on an angle to make the piece work. I made the mistake of doing it after I put the frame together the first time but on the next one I made, I routed first, WAY easier! After looking at the holder in more detail, I knew I could make one for her using ready made wood parts sold at the craft store. I used my coupons. Once you make one, you will be able to make a few for your friends in production line style very easily. You can use a fine grain sand paper for this step or you can speed things up with an electric sander or a sanding wheel attachment for your drill. Here are some wedding mustache resources and a couple do-it-yourself guides for a fun pre-wedding activity with an amazing outcome. With a few power tools, imagination and some help from Pinterest and YouTube I figure I can at least come close.
I have good intentions to get them completed and written, but with all that being the sole owner of a blog entails, I sometimes have to take care of business before I can get to the fun creative stuff.
You do not need one for the top since this is where the glass will go in and out when you want to change what is in the frame once it is assembled.
Fill nail hole and the hole on the underside of the acorn with Spackle, wood filler, or paintable caulk. The long piece of balsa wood with the acorn is a removable piece of the completed holder and will not be glued to the frames. One will be your base color, which will show through once you’ve distressed the frame, and the other will be your all-over color. Using a rag, rub the stain all over the frame, filling all cracks, spaces, and irregularities in the wood. In this case, we chose to paint the frames green first and then cover the green with a rich, creamy white.

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