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Over time the mirrors were no longer secure and kept falling out each time I opened the top of the box, and I never added personal photos to the built in photo-frames, so they still contained the pictures the jewelry box came with.
Fran likes knitting, cooking, reading design blogs, curating her home, and wearing chunky jewelry.
Aside from her day job as a social worker at Mission Waco, Bethany makes jewelry for the Harts and Crafts boutique. Then, using some acrylic mint green paint, I painted the box with about three coats of paint.
After feeling inspired and energized by all this newfound free time, I decided to give my jewelry box a makeover! This month, my craft box as one of the #bostikbloggers had a definite Valentine's Day theme to it.
The children have used some of the craft materials to make Valentine's Day cards for their respective sweethearts, and I'll be sharing those in the next few days.

First I painted the entire box off-white, I had to paint on three coats before the wood was totally covered. Using some sandpaper I purchased at a local craft store, I sanded down the glossy finish of the box.
I make cloth button earrings and sell them at a local boutique, so I had plenty of pretty bits of cloth to line the jewelry box with! But the materials in the pack also inspired me to make something with Mia which I've been planning for a little while now - a little jewellery box for all her bits and pieces that I find all over the house.
I used this color to paint the inside and outside panels of the front doors as well as the doors that held the mirrors. In the process of reupholstering the fabric in the top box, I removed about half of the ring holders and created an additional compartment with the space. I hid the messy edges under the lid with some pink cardboard, and used some pretty washi tape around the top and bottom.

But it was super fun and I'm really excited to have a jewelry box that perfectly fits in with my bedroom decor!
It has served me well, as its basic structure is pretty solid and it has a lot compartments for jewelry storage. I cut the letters of her name out from glittery red cardboard and she also found some letter stickers to spell her name. But it was super fun and I'm really excited to have a jewelry box that perfectly fits in with my bedroom decor!

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