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This home made wood burning stove, made with a Altoids Tin, not only breaks down to make for an easy portable & packable wood stove, but can carry your fire kit inside as well.
Why not have a bit of fun and build your own Mini Wood Stove and try it on your next camping trip. Having the ability to create or build miniature versions of cooking materials is always an asset especially on a bug out.

However perhaps you may like to use this as a DIY project as a family before your next camping trip. This DIY project will teach you how to build a mini wood stove from Altoids tin can which makes it very easy, compact and most importantly effective to do the job. This can easily be used from emergency purposes as an additional storage for you first aid kit and other fire starting materials like a char cloth.

What’s amazing about this project is that everything you will need to start fire will already fit inside the Altoids tin can which makes it also very efficient.

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