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Monthly advice on how to make your home eco-friendly, including energy and water saving tips, healthy home products, green remodeling, and more, plus special offer. Design solutions, designer interviews, room makeovers, garden tips, video tours, sweepstakes news, and special offers. Winter is almost upon us as I write this, and the temporary post I made to mark the edge of our driveway is in danger of getting run over one of these dark evenings. Next is to form the slim corner posts. Use a handsaw for the cuts down the grain and a jig saw for the bottom cuts, or a jig saw for the whole thing if you can hold a straight line!
Each board will be the same width this way and there will be one joint on each side of the post. Either way, assemble the box and clamp it together so you can find out how the mason jar fits. How you do this may vary, depending on the style of your jar and what you have to hand to make the flat part of the lid, just don’t forget to get some air in there somehow!

To make a top for the post, place a square offcut of pallet wood on top of the four thin corner posts and center it up. To mount the post I used a piece of 70mm x 70mm timber screwed into the bottom of the bollard post, projecting 150mm and slotted this into a metal fence post holder. Great idea Darlene, I also want to make some shorter ones with solar lights, but I don’t seem to be able to find any good solar lamps that are capable of lasting a good while. As for the notches, well I used a table saw and what you need to do depends on the size of your wood and the size of your jar (to make notches small or bigger etc.). You should aim for a post that has just enough room to hold the jar, but not so small that the jar sticks out past the outside of the wooden post. Care is needed with these as the corner posts are quite fine and rough handling could easily break them. Mark around each post not forgetting to mark the lid and inside the post to maintain the correct orientation. Push the screws for the top through the clearance holes in the top and line each one up with the pilot hole in the corner posts, gently screw the top down. That way the foundations are longer lasting and the post could be easily replaced if need be.

Don’t forget the little tip to change the design at the top to make a thin post on each board. It would indeed be a little easier that way and the post would look better too as there’d only be one joint on each side. Made of rot-resistant western red cedar, the fixture consists of a 2x4 center post to anchor it, a horizontal arm to hold the lantern, and 1x6 cladding that yokes the 2x4s together and creates attractive shadow lines. I drilled some weep holes in the metal disc, between the plastic lamp holder and the jar retaining ring (once the silicone was dry).
Drill a clearance hole through the centre of the marks you made and a deep and generously sized pilot hole down the centre of each corner post. Fitted with a handsome copper-and-glass candle lantern, it exudes Zen-like beauty day and night.This Old House senior technical editor Mark Powers installed our lamppost along a garden path but says its proportions would complement virtually any outdoor space, from a patio to a water feature. Remember these posts are very thin and will easily split, the pilot hole should be large enough that the screw goes in very, very easily.

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