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Looking for more homemade designs, I found interesting 5-Axis construction made by a guy in my country, personaly I would make it a little bit different, I don't think that those high columns are very rigid, but I'm not sure about construction details. Shannon I was wondering could you post some details about your Router, like what type of step motors you have, I'm not familiar with those oz units, like 405oz, 250oz etc, do you have a router or a spindle, do you have water coolings, etc. If you know of any other complete CNC kits available for purchase, please leave info in the comments.
For machines that dead-reckon position from stepper motor position (rather than using scales) the tolerance and backlash in the lead screws needs to be included. There’s even a series of Google SketchUp tutorials for working with 3D models of Contraptor components. With this spindle it's also possible to convert 3-axis router into 5-Axis machine, but I don't think it's a cheap part. Originally Posted by MadRocketScientist It might be best to check out my CNC zone thread.
I need it only for home usage and I'm not going to start any business around it, so I'm not going to use it every day.
Personally I'm planning on building one like Mitja's as a starting point, as it suits my needs for now, and using it to build a better one later when I need a heftier machine. You can have a complete CNC by ordering the Mini CNC subset and the Electronics & Motors subset. It was a finalist in the James Dyson Awards and is currently in the running for a Core 77 Design Award.
You can get just the carving machine kit for $600, but the complete package will get you the machine kit, spindle power supply with variable speed control, Mach 3 CNC control software (licensed copy), 3 axis stepper motor driver board, power supply and spindle kit.
There are videos for every step of assembly for this all-in-one 3D printer & CNC mill.
For 4th axis control you’ll nedd Mach3 software which can be downloaded for free on the Badog site.

With a 5-Axis router it would be possible to make foam plugs, it sounds very interesting, instead of cutting only wooden templates with a 3-Axis router. From experience I should mention that the mechmate routers have a bit of flex in them, I had visited a company the builds WW1 aircraft and they were using one.
Also, I couldn’t have put this list together without the wealth of information available at the excellent and very active CNCZone forums. I found also another interesting plans for 3-Axis router, that guy also sells parts with which you can convert 3-Axis into 5-Axis. Thanks for info, I've seen your router already, it's a really nice little machine, seems to be very accurate looking at your work, I really like it. And I did not see a list of materials for Joe’s CNC, but perhaps it can be found somewhere on the CNCZone forums.
Hardware and electronics must be sourced separately and will run about $475, for a total of about $700. For example they have separate subforums for different software like EdgeCam, MasterCam, etc, so it's easier to ask a question and easier to get an answer. This is a pretty thorough guide with brief introductions, images, and links to 18 different do-it-yourself CNC kits available for purchase. This latest version of the blueChick is an improvement over version 3.0 (which is still available for $1,385). I don't know like others, but I'm not going to build it, I think that the Mechmate it's much better starting point to learn how it works, than those Sylba CNC, at the moment I have other things to do, and I'll be busy to at least mid October, after that I'll create a thread at CNCZone.
DW9015 homemade cnc routerGranite cnc router DW9015 is mainly used for heavy weight of the tile, blue stone, granite and tombstones.
Of course finding a CNC shop near you that can cut that material and sourceing material could also be a problem. I had a very similar opinion, but now I think that the CNCzone is a well orginized forum, keep in mind that cnczone is much bigger than this forum.

Here is a link to Router desinged and built by one of our members, it's a small router mainly for RC planes parts. Yes, I believe it's also possible to make even more complicated 3D shapes with a 3-Axis router, for example plug could be made in slices instead of making it in one piece. To make your own CNC designs with Ponoko, sign up for a free account and download our 2D design starter kit. Various Cartesian robots can be assembled from Contraptor: XY plotter, mini CNC mill, 3D printer etc.
Ponoko offers an online, on-demand CNC routing service where you can upload your design file and we’ll send you the CNC cut pieces.
One route you could take, if your willing to spend more cash than people normally do for homebuilding a router, would be to get somebody to CNC mill most of the parts you need out of 10mm Aluminium plate or something similair.
The project was funded 465%, and now, nearly one year later, the MYDIYCNC is available for purchase. You can get just the carving machine kit for $330, but this complete package comes with the kit, Mach3 CNC control software (licensed copy), 3 axis stepper motor driver board, power supply, spindle kit, emergency stop switch, and 6 limit switches.
That way you could have a fast build router like Mitja's with strong, accurately made pieces in whatever configuration you want.
Milling machines are often classed in two basic forms, horizontal and vertical, which refers to the orientation of the main spindle.

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