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Unlike indoor trucks and wagons, garden carts need to be usable under different weather conditions, carry items over different terrains, and be protected from dirt, water and any other materials that could potentially damage them, or impair their ability to work properly. The highest quality materials are used throughout the construction of all the utility garden carts available from Easy Rack, and they all come fully painted to help them to resist corrosion that comes from being out in all weathers.
There are also versions of the standard garden cart available with fold down sides for better protection of goods when they are being moved, and to stop things rolling off the side, and version s that come with much larger wheels to allow for use on even the most difficult terrain. If you run a large commercial garden or farm, and need a means to move objects around, then our heavy duty garden carts are the perfect solution, and offer excellent value for money thanks to their hard wearing construction, which means that they are genuinely built to last. As you continue to read through our selection of garden landscaping carts, keep in mind we stand ready to answer any questions you may have about our offerings.

This cart was the exact product I was looking for, the dimensions were perfect and it was well constructed. I have had this cart for two weeks and have used it carting 400lbs of tile amoung othe items. I think this is a great product (R8 RocknRoller Cart) and looks as though it's going to be a great solution for me, especially with the addition of the 2-tier multimedia shelf.
We have three of these round table carts for moving coaches tables for here at the King County Aquatics Center. This is a well built garden cart that can definitely carry a heavy load without bending or tipping.

Ordered a small hand cart, it was delivered promptly and was easy to assemble; instructions called for 8 washers but only 6 were provided. I could really use a power assisted garden cart and it would put a cherry on top of it dumped.

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