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In my classic New Englander “frugalness” (I like to think of it more like “practicality” than outright cheapness), I came up with my own storage rack that can be made with simple hand tools and a trip to the local home center. Mount the rod rack to your ceiling by drilling ?-inch diameter holes through the rod racks in line with the joists and using at least 4-inch wood screws to secure each rack to the joists.
The Atlantic City Boat Show was jamming this weekend, and in-between signing up subscriptions at the booth and betting away our per-diems at the blackjack tables, we found some great new fishing gear. Come up large deals on eBay for Fishing Pole Ceiling Rack Plans Fishing perch squeeze inwards More Fishing.
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In about 1 hour of your time, you’ll create rod storage for the ceiling in your basement, shed or garage that can store at least two-dozen rods of nearly any length. I have my racks mounted in my basement ceiling, but you can put them anywhere you have space, and you can use drywall anchors if you can’t locate a solid floor joist or rafter.
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The issue with most of those horizontal racks is that they only store 6 to 10 rods, so you have to buy multiples to store the rod collection of an avid fisherman.  Then, there’s the cost.
Install strips into the inside of all the J-hooks on one of the rod racks to protect the blanks.
If you have pipes, wires or other objects hanging below the joists, you might need to use some wood blocks to step the racks down away from the obstruction. Projects book of instructions to physical body archways and arches Fishing pole ceiling rack plans for interior your Convert standard doorways and passageways into. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t think many of us are storing our rods in a place where they need to be displayed on stands made of stained oak, mahogany, teak, or stainless steel. Use longer screws if you have to go through ?-inch drywall or plaster to get to the wood joist.
If you’re like me, you own at least one rod for every possible fishing situation you could ever come across.

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