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Traditional pergolas make shaded walkways, sometimes between two garden walls, or a sheltered area next, to a building.
Nowadays pergolas that extend from the side of a building to a feature, such as a terrace or a swimming pool, are extremely popular.View in galleryHowever, pergolas function equally well away from the main building in a corner of the garden. Another top tip is to extend the curve of a bow window with the shape of the pergola that sits out in front of it. A pergola that is hidden away, like this, can create a sense of destination and discovery in a landscape design.

If you are building a freestanding pergola, away form the home, then remember to create a sense of a room with the uprights that clearly define the space. Your pergola should not dominate the garden, by taking up too much space, but work as a structure within it. As a rule of thumb, make the base area of your pergola no larger than you would a patio seating area.View in galleryIf you are in doubt make a scale sketch drawing of the garden. If you are making your pergola stand over a patio area a good tip is to not have it take up the same area exactly.

However, the gaps between them allow partial sunlight to stream through.View in galleryView in galleryView in gallery Growing plants up the sides and into the upper area will provide additional shade and make the structure integrate into the exterior design better.

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