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I painted the bench Ultra White by Valspar in semi-gloss which is what I use on all the trim in our house. Head on over to Pinterior Designer to see what else Chelsea has been designing and DIYing, and how she updated the rest of her kitchen, too! For air flow, instead of enclosing the front of the bench with veneer, you can buy sheets of tin or aluminum that are vented or slotted.
Once it was time to attach the headboard, we simply removed the nut, slide the bolt into the metal bracket which we attached to the bench, and screwed the nut back on.

Glue or nail these directly to the frame of the bench and then paint them the desired color (or paint first). We chose the brackets because the bench needed to sit flush against the wall and this allowed there to be almost no gap between the bench and the wall. A banquette bench helps maximize space, give some character, and add some storage space (if you choose). Unfortunately for my husband, Nate, I DIY on a whim so he’ll often come home from a trip or a long day of work to coated counter tops or a repainted guest room with a faux picture frame design.

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