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Stub tenon and groove joinery and frame and panel construction are pretty common — we use them all the time. The biggest thing to remember is that the solid wood panels will expand and contract across their width with changes in humidity.
To overcome this problem, I held the panels in place with a centered dab of glue at the top and bottom.

So make sure that you do include some gold in your Georgian interior design scheme, too. In their finer rooms, and main living areas, the Georgians liked to use wallpaper, or even fine, fabric panels, on the middle section of the wall. This was the area where wallpaper or fabric panels were often hung.The upper section - a picture rail, frieze and cornice were in the top part of the wall. Try Dulux, Crown, 1829 (by Craig and Rose) or Farrow and Ball. Wood work (skirtings, dados, doors and wainscots) was either stained, or painted in white, stone, olive or brown colors.

Choose a small pattern, preferably floral, or striped. Flooring Floors were waxed wood, or parquet.

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