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It has a bunk bath with two separate showers, a trough sink and a toilet room so all six kids can be using the bath at the same time.Design ideas for a rustic kids room in Denver. Lower level kids room with custom made bunk beds to accommodate four children.Contemporary guest bedroom.
In any case, you may have a couple of kids of your own now and are thinking about buying or installing bunk beds yourself, DIY bunk beds so to speak, but either way here are some very cool bunk beds even the most jaded kid can get excited over. Bunk beds can save you a lot of space and they can look modern and amazing and be a natural part of your room.

The bunk beds would of been chosen by either the client, builder, or a designer so we do not have that information.
Let us know if you have any other questions that we can help with.This is an example of a beach style guest bedroom in Houston with gray walls and light hardwood floors. If you thinking to have bunk bed in your room, the following are some great resources for you to get inspired. If you were lucky you got the bottom bunk so you didn’t have to climb up every night and climb down every morning.

Bunk beds for girls, bunk beds for boys and some bunk beds that would suit both a boy and a girl. Or if you were lucky you GOT the top bunk because you loved climbing ladders and enjoyed sleeping at low altitudes.

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