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We were kept fully informed at each stage - what more could anyone ask.The ladder is sturdy, easily put together and perfect for our needs. This was the only website that sold anything suitable and the ladder was perfect for our needs. These bunk beds are unique because they are easy to build and can be assembled and disassembled easily. This is what Rebecca said when she posted her photo on our Facebook Fan Page "Here is the loft bed finished for my 12 year old's room.
And while you are at the lumber store, somebody, please pick up some colorful paint, like these turquoise bunk beds from Ohdeedoh. Set includes (4) Side Rails (2) Head Boards (1) Foot Board (28) Wood Slats (4) Guard Rails on both sides for the top twin bunk and (1) End Ladder.

The bed might just follow her to college, but I bet the pride and self confidence from building this bed will last a lifetime.  Rebecca, thanks so much for sharing your amazing story. If your child is heavy or you expect the bed to take a large amout of abuse, I recommend purchasing metal braces, and screwing to the inside of the bed. No need for a bunkie board or a bunkie mattress as our bunk beds only require a standard twin size (approx 39 x 75 inch) mattress. Angela, Rebecca, you made your beds.  But you made my day.  And you are making me (and probably tons of other people) want to run to the lumber store!
Please keep in mind that the top bunk foot board will have the gap that is the entryway for the ladder.
Bottom bunk is approx 11 inches off the floor - space between bottom bunk slats and top bunk slats (excluding the mattress) is approx 38 inches.

She saved her own money to help pay for the wood and the three of us finished it in two days.
This is exactly what I wanted for my girls but everything like this is way too expensive for what it is!!

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