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The following article outlines the construction of a dimensional lumber and plywood aquarium stand. Plywood or other sheeting - The sheeting used for this project will have the most effect on final appearance of the aquarium stand. The next phase of the construction of the aquarium stand is to cover it with the sheeting of your choice. You can add other features such as shelves, lights or power strips to the inside of the stand to fit your needs. When I built my 55 gallon aquarium stand, I was a little concerned about it being top heavy. Once again, make sure the wood is of the same type as the sheeting if you plan on staining. The height of the aquarium stand is up to you, but most commercial aquarium stands around 32 to 36 inches high. The aquarium stand I built for this plan was higher than most because I wanted the tank to have a higher line of sight. The photo below shows some of the modifications I had to make to ensure the doors fit the stand properly and that they had a sound location on which to attach the hinges. The rear of the stand does not need to be covered unless it is in view or if you are planning on storing a lot of items in the stand. In any type of stand you want 4 points (depending on length of stand) of contact with the floor. When purchasing molding for an aquarium stand that you plan on staining, make sure the molding wood is of the same type as the sheeting.

The doors should be of the same type of wood as the rest of the stand for staining purposes.
These additional 2x4s are used on each of the vertical supports to give the stand frame a flat surface. Make sure to sand all areas of the aquarium stand before applying the finish to get the best result.
To take care of this concern, I added a layer of 2x4s to the bottom of the stand and clad them with the same sheeting used to build the stand. The photos that show the progress of the aquarium stand build are from my 120 gallon aquarium, unless otherwise specified. But it was a fun project, still have completed the doors or any type of canopy but the tank look good siting on them.
When I build things like stands, and I will be doing one for a 75 I am putting in the wall someday soon (I hope), is I never use any type of Simpson connectors. Make sure when designing your aquarium stand plan that it will not be too tall to fit in the area you have planned to place it. Once the finish is applied, the doors can be attached to the stand and the aquarium can be placed.
Remember that while thicker materials are typically sturdier, they are also heavier and will add a bit to the overall length and width of the aquarium stand.
At the wood show here in Tampa I was turned on to a better way for cabinet construction where you can literally lift the whole cabinet with face frames without glue. It's all wood holding wood with tight accurate joints, glue and in the case of my bench, lag bolts, instead of screws because there is no glue on the bench.

Before purchasing the 2x4s, calculate how many you will need for the size of the aquarium stand you are building. The length of molding needed can be estimated by looking at the aquarium stand plan for your particular aquarium size.
These 2x4s should be cut to fit snugly between the upper and lower rectangles of the aquarium stand. The finish used should be designed for use with the material used to build the aquarium stand.
You can hide the nail heads by counter sinking them with a punch and filling the holes with wood putty. In order to adjust the design for the aquarium size, you would simply have to adjust the length and width of the wooden pieces. Do some shopping around but remember that this is also the most visible portion of the aquarium stand.
If you not know proper safety precautions for working with power tools, you will need to consult a woodworking or carpentry book, or perhaps take carpentry classes.

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