Alternate with both hands.Shoulders and NeckWorking in the same posture with shoulders and neck straight results in less blood flow to the neck and shoulders. Repeat several times.Exercise 5Sitting with both hands behind your back, one palm between shoulder blades, other hand pushing down on elbow. Bring arms forward and repeat.Releasing TensionContinuous work causes stress to the mind and body.

They release tension.Exercise 1 Sitting, feet on the floor and hands on knees, extend legs and arms to full stretch, fingers and toes extended, then sit back and rest.
Walking will help you straighten your body and exercise limbs.Exercise 4Sitting, both hands behind back, one over the shoulder, the other from behind the back, try to link hands. Change sides and repeat.Free Email UpdatesGet the latest content first and get a summary of our "Nutrition Guide" for FREE 100% Privacy.

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